The Federal Aviation Administration Has Approved Casino Royale’s Plans

Casino Royale has been a renowned gaming destination in Las Vegas for more than five decades. Yet, the property will soon undergo a huge transformation. Vital Vegas, a Las Vegas blogger, revealed that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the gaming operator's plan to build a 700-foot skyscraper in the city.

Best Western Hotels own the gaming site and manage a hotel there. Reports state that it is among the Vegas Strip's few hotels that don't charge clients a resort fee. Besides, its casino and bars are popular among average spenders.

Things will soon change in Casino Royale as its transformation will make it cease being a budget destination in the city. Rumors claim that its skyscraper will be the second-highest in Vegas and won't be cheap.

The casino hasn't revealed subtle details about the new building's plan. Still, it is likely to end its chain venues.

More About FAA's Approval

The FAA recently gave Casino Royale the greenlight to construct its 700-foot building on the same land on which the casino is. The administration's approval caused a debate as some people aren't certain about the durability of businesses like Denny's, Outback Steakhouse, and the Best Western Hotel, which currently exists on the land.

Casino Royale's new building's height will overshadow most of Las Vegas resorts. The Fontainebleau is the tallest casino hotel on the Strip and is 739 feet tall.

Yet, the two buildings won't be the tallest structures on the Las Vegas Strip. The Strat is a standalone observation tower that is 1,149 feet tall, thus being the tallest building in the region. Casino Royale is awaiting Clark County planning official's decision on its project to kick it off despite having the FAA's approval.

The officials are likely to give their stand on the project in a few weeks. Still, the casino has a lot of time to start the project since the FAA's approval will expire on January 21, 2025.

What Makes Casino Royale Standout?

The casino attracts thousands of guests from different states to the Vegas Strip. Its accommodation, dining, and gaming options make it appropriate for people with a low budget.

Some of the gaming operator's chain dining choices include White Castle and Denny's. They have played a key role in growing its popularity countrywide. Moreover, its bars sell affordable beers, as some cost $1.

The Best Western Hotel's policy not to charge resort fees attracts budget travelers. But this will change as the new hotel might not maintain Casino Royale's current low prices.

Many hotels on the Strip have introduced valet parking fees. For example, Caesars and MGM are among the leading casino resorts that started charging the fees in 2017. Palazzo and Venetian Resorts ended free self-parking in July.

Casino Royale has provided low-limit table games for a long period. But, it replaced them with electronic table games and slot machines after the Coronavirus pandemic and hasn't yet returned certain original games.


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