The First Trade Show for Casino Theme-Party Industry Offered by NACPO

NACPO (the National Association of Casino Party Operators) announced that they will organize the first-ever trade show which will be specifically made for the casino theme-party industry. The name of the show will be The Casino Party Pro Show, and it is designed in such a way so as to display products and services that can be used by casino theme-party operators in order to make their events even better and to improve their businesses. The show will start on July 15 and will last until July 17, 2019. The place that will host the show is Golden Nugget – Las Vegas.

Casino theme parties are an entertaining way to help various groups have fun with games that are inspired by casinos. The only difference is that there are no gambling elements in casino-themed games. Casino theme-party operators usually bring everything you need to your venues, such as tables, games, and more. Instead of real money, participants usually use play money to take part. In other words, all guests who want to take part in these games do not actually have to pay in order to play the games.

Moreover, they get only play money as rewards instead of receiving real rewards. These parties are often interactive and are perfect for corporate entertainment because operators could scale them without effort in order to fit the time and cost. Furthermore, many social clubs and fraternal organizations love playing this type of games. In other words, casino theme-party is a perfect selection of games whenever there is a group of people who want to have fun.

The Casino Party Pro Show is, therefore, designed in such a manner so as to help all operators who offer casino theme-parties. After attending this show, they will learn more about how to conduct this type of business and how to take clients’ experience to another level by offering top-notch service. The visitors will be able to explore various props related to this field such as dice, cards, chips, and other specialized equipment that is designed in order to increase portability and improve games and attraction that are a part of casino theme-parties. Furthermore, visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about growing revenue with their existing clients, attracting new ones, managing expenses and logistics, and meeting the HR needs. Finally, they will be able to see many add-on games that could further help them improve their businesses.

Moreover, some of the representatives of NACPO will be discussing various things related to this business, including the possible benefits of becoming a member of the Association, such as a unified voice and a combined buying power. Furthermore, the Association could help its members with legal and tax issues and can provide them with a searchable directory on the web that would help them find match clients and service providers. Naturally, all members who join the Association must subscribe to a code of ethics and will have to carry insurance, which is considered a condition for their membership. That way, prospective clients can rest assure that they are doing business with reputable companies who take their customer’s requirements seriously.

NACPO has been active for more than 28 years and has been actively hosting Annual Conferences. This year, the Conference will begin on July 17, right after the trade show. These conferences are targeted towards members who have an opportunity to share their experiences and learn about new products in the industry. All businesses that focus on casino theme-parties should consider visiting this event in Las Vegas.


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