The Four Biggest Wins in the History of Las Vegas

Las Vegas hosted some of the luckiest people on the planet Earth. If you’re feeling lucky, there’s no better place to go than the Entertainment Capital of the World. There, you will have plenty of opportunities to propose to the “lady luck” and see whether she wants to let you under her wing.

The lady was more generous to some than others. However, the way she chooses whom to work with remains a huge mystery to date. What we know is that there were a couple of chosen ones who were really lucky to win a lot of money.

By “a lot,” we really mean millions of dollars. It’s always nice reading about people who won a lot of money, it gives us a notion that it could happen to us, and it can if we’re really lucky. Just make sure to play casino games responsibly and don’t waste too much money on them.

Luck works in mysterious ways, and if it’s not your day, you need to come another day to test it.

Some of the people who won money in Vegas were professional gamblers, while others were just lucky. One thing is certain — those in this article definitely changed their luck with just one spin/hand. Let’s take a look at them.

Elmer Sherwin — $21 million & $4.6 million

Elmer Sherwin was a World War II veteran who got really lucky now once but twice. He first won the Megabucks jackpot as soon as the Mirage opened, winning a total of $4.6 million. He traveled the world and had a great time while doing so, but he did not stop playing slots from time to time.

Lady luck kissed him once again 16 years after that when he managed to hit the same jackpot and win a total of $21 million. This time, Sherwin shared a lot of his winnings to charity, mainly to those who were hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Unknown — $39.7 Million

The biggest jackpot of all time in Vegas was hit by a 25-year-old man from Los Angeles. The young person decided not to reveal his identity, and chose to get yearly installments of $1.5 million for 25 years. He won more than $39 million just by playing slots as he was waiting for his basketball game to start.

Kerry Packer — up to $40 Million

Kerry Packer, an Australian billionaire, was a passionate gambler, and he played games with a lot of money. Nobody is certain how much he won during a single casino visit when he played baccarat and blackjack, but a number between $20 and $40 million is something many are aiming at.

Nevertheless, he also managed to spend $28 million in a London casino two years after that. Make sure to know when to stop if the lady luck visits you!

Unknown — $27 Million + $680,000

Another huge win took place when an unknown woman who was in her sixties decided to play The Wheel of Fortune, earning a total of $680,000. However, that wasn’t her biggest win.

As a matter of fact, she continued playing games in Vegas from time to time and ended up winning a total of $27 million in the Megabucks jackpot. This case teaches as perhaps a somewhat different lesson from the Kerry Packer case, and it is — you never know what lies around the corner.

These were just a couple of huge Vegas wins. However, they are not the only ones. Hundreds of lucky gamblers in Sin City managed to become multi-millionaires overnight, and we’ll make sure to mention some of them in one of the upcoming pieces.


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