The High Stake Feud Rages On Between Polk and Negreanu

Doug Polk Taking Lead Against Daniel Negreanu

The High Stake Feud has been on for a while, and poker fans have been keeping a close watch on the activities of their favorite poker players Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu. However, the last outcome has made the fans supporting Polk excited, as Doug Polk emerged as the lead player in the 9th Round of the series.

This winning outcome is prevalent even though Daniel Negreanu was taking the lead before now. Due to the game’s result on Friday 20th November 2020, Doug Polk has now secured $26,000 to his name. Even though the series is not yet over, this win for Polk has seemed like a tremendous one for his fans.

Doug Polk Winning the 9th Round in the High Stake Feud Series

As professional poker players, both Polk and Negreanu had performed tremendously in the High Stake Feud, as they had both emerged winners at different rounds. Although Negreanu had emerged winner of the 8th Round, this victory did not last long, as the last game has seen Polk bouncing back as the winner of the 9th Round.

Inflicting a loss of $200,000 within the two hours game held on Friday. As he continuously dominated the game with his aggressiveness, $205,522 after 377 hands in the game.

Polk and Negreanu’s Relationship

In the past, both players had been seen exchanging stern words and right before the match. Negreanu had spoken confidently about himself winning the game because he has a greater ability to do so. Thus, some fans had been expecting some verbal conflict from the duo following Polk’s win.

However, as Polk has relayed some positive comments about his opponents, nothing of that sort occurred during the post-game show that he attended with Brent Hanks and Jeff Platt. Although Polk had expected his opponent to be weak, Negreanu’s strength and aggressiveness have stated otherwise.

What Did Day 10 Hold?

The High Stake Feud series has revealed some incredible ups and downs on the part of both Polk and Negreanu, as they’ve both witnessed wins and also lost some sessions. Doug Polk secured another win on Day 10 against Daniel Negreanu and now leads the heads-up poker match by six figures. Polk won about $117,000 on Monday and now leads Negreanu overall by about $141,000.

Still Anyone’s Game

The Polk lead is about 3.5 buy-ins and as such the game is still anyone’s at this time. A lot of fans are curious to know what the next move of both players might be and who would emerge the winner of the next round.

There is no clear speculation of who would lead in this round, and there is no specific answer of who is the best between the two poker players. Even the players of the game cannot really tell what might unfold in the next game sessions. Hence, we need to sit and watch as the game progresses and reveals the series’ winner.

Conclusively, this series has been a fantastic opportunity for professional poker players to have a thrilling encounter and has improved the respect they both have for one another despite their harsh comments passed in the past. With their incredible abilities, it has been quite tricky picking the better players between the two. As the game progresses, the winner of the series would be unveiled.


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