The LINQ Hotel + Experience Is From The Future

It doesn’t take an exterior and interior specialist to notice that there is something different about the LINQ Hotel + Experience. It’s not what many expect to find in Las Vegas. Sure, Sin City has a nostalgic side to it, but the LINQ is pushing the industry forward with an innovative design and breathtaking modern look.

The property offers a high-energy atmosphere with some innovative and modern additions to it. In fact, it is something that looks as if it came from the future. We are not talking about spacey kitsch future as presented in the 70s and the 80s. We’re talking about the elegant and stylish future that every person enjoys and feels good about. In other words, when technology and design shake hands, you get an ultimate experience, such as the one presented at the LINQ.

According to Matthew Kenagy from Caesars Entertainment, who was one of the forces that pushed forward for a completely revolutionary look of the LINQ, the goal was to redefine the gaming experience as we knew it. He invested a lot of time and energy into reinventing the entire space, and he was able to pick the fruits of his effort this year when the LINQ adopted a brand new look that incorporates technological innovations with the latest breakthroughs in interior design.

The real results of Kenagy’s effort are visible on the face of almost every visitor of the LINQ. Everyone would stop by and gaze in awe, paying respect, and being completely mesmerized by the way LINQ looks. Kenagy said that many people would stop and comment on things such as “Wow, what’s happening here?” Instead of walking in a casino and being welcomed by hundreds of slots clinking and clanking, they are up for an entirely new experience that completely takes their breath away.

So, what’s so special about the LINQ? Well, for starters, the area features 5,000 square feet of interactive LED lighting. These lights use realtime graphics combined with infrared technology to scan the energy levels in the casino and adapt to it.

This alone is something that makes LINQ worth visiting, but it’s just a small part of all the innovations that the casino has.

Still Traditional

However, you don’t have to fear that there will not be that specific feeling when you enter a traditional casino. In fact, the LINQ managed to preserve that by offering a lot of traditional options for gaming in a 45,000-square-foot gaming space. However, they also added a wide range of innovative products and amenities that cannot be found anywhere else, making their overall offer of services rather unique.

Their reasoning was quite straightforward — their goal is to attract both the old and the young with their offer. High-tech amenities are definitely going to attract millennials, whereas the standard offer of table and card games are there for every person that likes to keep things traditional when it comes to playing casino games.

Kenagy, who was a Senior Director of Strategic Development at the LINQ, stated that they conducted in-depth research about what attracts millennials and all the other younger generations, only to find out that there were some universal things that “transcend all generations.”

He stated that the LINQ was nowadays mainly a place where people come to seek new experiences in a social setting, which was something that they had in mind all along while building the new LINQ space. They simply took into account that all people are ready to “consume new content in a social setting.”


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