The Millionaire Progressive Won Again at The Venetian Las Vegas

The thing with progressive jackpots is that you don’t want to win it right after the person before you. Naturally, you will receive a hefty prize, but it could have been bigger, had you won the jackpot at a later time. Progressive jackpots grow with time as people who bet in the game give a part of their bet on the jackpot, making it constantly grow.

All of that doesn’t really matter with The Millionaire Progressive as it is a jackpot that starts at a huge sum. Naturally, it is always better to win $2 million than $1 million, but you could win nothing as well. At that point, $1 million seems like a fair reward.

That being said, The Millionaire Progressive has been won once again. Since the beginning of this year, the jackpot has paid out more than $5 million, making a total of five people become millionaires overnight. The last one out of those five is Sean Barry from Ohio who was sitting at a Three Card Poker table at The Venetian Las Vegas. All it took for him to become a millionaire was to get a club royal flush, which he did as the stars aligned over him and sent him good fortune. At that point, Barry won a total of $1,010,155.

Lance Gautreaux, US Chef Casino Officer and Senior Vice President for Las Vegas Sands, also stated that the Millionaire Progressive had managed to give the world a millionaire for the fifth time this year. He added that the entire jackpot was won by the players who added a $5 side bet and congratulated to the five lucky players on their wins.

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas couldn’t have made a smarter move by introducing The Millionaire Progressive jackpot which many people instantly fell in love with. As soon as they launched, people from all over the US went to Vegas to test their luck and take a shot at The Millionaire Progressive. The prize became one of the largest progressive jackpots that the city of Las Vegas has ever seen.

The name Millionaire Progressive is by no means accidental. When progressive jackpots reset, they usually start at a “default” sum, and this sum is $1 million for this jackpot. In other words, whenever someone wins a progressive jackpot, it will reset back to $1 million. All that players had to do in order to be taken into account for this jackpot is to place a side bet whenever they play a game at The Venetian. The bet is only $5, which may turn into one of the smartest investments ever if you are lucky.

It is also worth noting that this jackpot only applies to certain games — to certain poker games, to be specific. Players can take a shot at it by playing Caribbean Stud, Mississippi Stud, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, and Let It Ride. Furthermore, The Venetian is not the only place where this jackpot is available. In fact, players can also test their luck at The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino.

Now that the jackpot is won, the win is reset to $1 million once again. The year was pretty rewarding to the players, and it definitely remains to be seen how many players will turn into millionaires by the end of 2019. Luck works in mysterious ways, so we might be up for another five or more, or maybe nobody wins the main prize in the next period.


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