The PGT $10,000 Buy-In Mixed PLO Event Crowns Jim Collopy As Its Champion

The $10,000 buy-in mixed PLO tournament was one of the PokerGO Tour (PGT) Pot-Limit Omaha Series events. It had a rotation of pot-limit Omaha eight-or-better (PLO8), Big O (five-card (PLO8), and standard pot-limit Omaha. Still, the event had 86 entrants and an $860,000 prize pool.

Jim Collopy (two-time World Series of Poker bracelet champion) won $206,400, the largest share in the pool after winning the event. The Hendon Mob indicates that he has almost $4.8 million in poker tournament earnings. Also, it was his third payout in the series

The poker pro got 206 PGT points from his recent victory and has improved his position in the player of the series points race to the top five. Still, he is among the top 30 players on this year's PGT leaderboard.

What Did the Leading Seven Finalists Win?

  1. Jim Collopy-$206,400; 480 Card Player Player of the Year (POY) points and 206 PGT points
  2. Tyler Brown-$146,200; 400 POY points and 146 PGT points
  3. Dylan Weisman-$103,200; 320 POY points and 103 PGT points
  4. Maxx Coleman-$86,000; 240 POY points and 86 PGT points
  5. Matthew Vengrin-$68,800; 200 POY points and 69 PGT points
  6. George Wolff-$51,600; 160 POY points and 52 PGT points

How Things Unfolded on the Final Day

Six players advanced to Day 2 at ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas' PokerGO Studio. Tyler Johnson was the chip leader as Dylan Wiesman and Collopy tied in the second position.

George Wolff got eliminated first after engaging in a three-way all-in in which Matt Vengrin got the low side with the wheel. Collopy got a six-high straight for the high side. Wolff finished sixth with $51,600.

Vengrin became the short stack despite getting the main pot's low side. He used double-suited aces in BIG O to move all-in against Brown's double-suited 9-8-6-5-2 rundown that earned him the pot after improving to trip sixes on the river. Vengrin finished fifth with $68,800.

Maxx Coleman (two-time bracelet champion) followed Vengrin in fourth place after Collopy's high side of the broadway warp defeated his low wrap and flush draw. None of them got draws but Collopy's ace high won and sent Coleman packing.

Wiesman's dream to win the title ended when the dealer dealt a wild hand. The player used pocket aces to move all-in in PLO8 leading Collopy's pocket kings. The latter got a top set and an ace on the turn helped Wiesman regain the stack lead.

Even so, a case king on the river turned the tables after giving Collopy the pot and quads. Weisman failed to get a low and left the table in the third position. His elimination set up heads-up action between Collopy and Brown, with Collopy having a 3:2 stack lead.

Brown doubled up shortly to get the chip lead before the final hand was dealt in a PLO round. All chips went in after the AClub Suit9Spade Suit2Spade Suit flop as Collopy's ADiamond SuitKSpade SuitQClub Suit5Club Suit faced Brown's AHeart Suit5Heart Suit5Heart Suit5Diamond Suit.

The 7Diamond Suit River and 8Spade Suit turn helped Collopy maintain the lead and eventually win the title and pot. Brown finished as a runner-up with $146,200, the largest score in his career.


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