The RGPS $600 Main Event Awards Kevin Broadway $46,804 After Beating His Opponents

The RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) $600 Main Event had more than 12 hours of intense action. Its field drastically reduced to two players' Kevin Broadway and Ricky Loyd, who made a chop deal that earned Loyd $50,804 as Broadway got an RGPS Thunder Valley trip, an RGPS ring, and $46,804.

Broadway stated after the tournament that he was excited to win his first RGPS event. Also, his victory earned him an opportunity to compete in this year's Million Dollar Freeroll.

He plans to spend part of his winnings on his summer vacation in Las Vegas. The poker pro will take part in the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. He beat 600 opponents to get the biggest tournament cash during his two-decade recreational poker career.

What Were the Top Players' Prizes?

  1. Kevin Broadway-$46,804
  2. Ricky Loyd-$50,804
  3. Kelly Black-$28,846
  4. Cliff Hart-$21,501
  5. Khanh Chau-$16,220
  6. James "Coach" Milligan-$12,376
  7. Jason Arnold-$9,532
  8. Patrick Rogers-$7,438
  9. Michael Monaghan-$5,875

How Things Unfolded on the Final Day

The action kicked off fast on the last day as several players got busted. JW Carter, the RGPS $600 Main Event's defending champion didn't advance to Day 2. Some of the players who missed a seat at the final table included Michael Cardell, Chris Johnson, William Anderson, Jon Swift, and Brodie Harris.

Michael Chilton performed well on Day 1b and dominated the final day's early levels. Chris Conrad, RunGood's ambassador's pocket nines lost to Walker Miskelly's pocket queens.

The former increased his stack to more than two million chips despite being at the same table with Katerina Lukina. Unfortunately, Conrad's run ended after Kelly Black's king-queen beat his pocket sixes thus leaving the event in 12th place.

Chilton left the tournament in 10th place and the remaining players set the final table, Michael Monaghan being the short stack. Loyd busted Monaghan in one hand after his pocket tens defeated his opponent's nine-three offsuit.

Patrick Rogers, another short-stack, followed Monaghan in eighth place after his jack-three lost to Cliff Hart's ace-four. Jason Arnold got in a tricky position after a few minutes when Loyd's ace-king thrashed his pocket queens in a full house. The latter exited the event in seventh place with $9,532.

Loyd busted James Milligan in the sixth position after convincing other players to make a chop. But, Black withdrew shortly hence making Milligan have a $10,000 difference.

Khanh Chau followed Milligan in the fifth position after his pocket queens lost to Hart's pocket kings. Action slowed down after Chau's elimination as each of the remaining players put more effort to extend their run.

Even so, Hart was the next unlucky player when Black's pocket sevens beat his kings and made him lose a big pot. The latter got busted next in the third place when he lost several consecutive pots and Loyd sent him packing. Broadway and Loyd chopped each taking home more than $45,000.


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