The Spa and The Salon Opened at Palms Casino

The Palms Casino Resort has just completed their $690 million renovations and unveiled the newest additions to the resort — The Spa and The Salon. The two additions to the resort offer a real oasis for all the people who want to relax and lead a bohemian lifestyle filled with spa treatments and other services that will make you fall in love with life all over again. In fact, the entire area consists of three huge levels that offer a wide variety of services.

First of all, there are fifteen rooms that offer great spa treatment services. Furthermore, you can enjoy four fully-equipped skin care studios and a eucalyptus steam room. Moreover, visitors can go to sauna and water lounge or visit a coed social lounge. Finally, if you come with a partner, you can visit one of the two couples treatment suites offered in The Spa and The Salon.

Finally, once you feel relaxed from all the massages and spa treatments, you can visit the brand new day and night club called KAOS, which is actually overlooked by the fitness area. KAOS offers a great atmosphere and a whole new level of entertainment. In other words, once you are all relaxed, be prepared to party day and night!

Naturally, the competition for spas and salons is pretty great in Las Vegas, so how could The Spa and The Salon stand out? One thing that sets them apart from all the other similar services in the area is the partnership with one of the leading names in the industry — Priscilla Valles. Valles is one of the most popular hair stylist and specialists for hair extension in the world. Apart from being quite a celebrity herself, Valles has also had an opportunity to work with many other celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen, Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and many others.

Moreover, all the elite guests who visit The Palms will have an opportunity to have their hair taken care of by Valles in person. She hand-picked her team which consists of the industry top-rated professionals, offering not only a full set of hair extensions but also other beauty services, including gel manicure, makeup application, a blowout, and more. All the guests will receive full treatments from the best hair stylists and makeup artists in the US.

Priscilla stated that The Salon was now her priority and that her stylists working there would be ‘extensions’ of herself and years of her hard work. She added that she had been teaching her assistants all her methods and secrets so that the guests of The Salon could get the best care. Priscilla added that all her assistants would undergo extensive training procedure with her, learning every possible extension method that had been applied by Valles, such as styling, haircut, extension removal, color, and more. Some other professionals that would further train salon workers come from Davines Educators and Redken (L’ORÉAL). Valles concluded that she wanted all the guests from The Palm to receive that ‘celebrity glam experience.’

When it comes to signature treatment, guests will be able to receive various massages, facial and body treatments, reiki, chakra balance, aromatherapy, and more. One of the services that stand out is the so-called Signature Crysta Treatment, which is a treatment that guests receive based on their zodiac sign. The treatment consists of four parts, which are Enlightening, Reigniting, Elevating, and Grounding, and all of them are customized so as to assess the unique energy of every individual.


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