Thomas Muehloecker and dimadub93 Win PokerStars Tournaments

Thomas "WushuTM" Muehloecker is among the most successful poker players in Austria. Reports state that he has won over $8.1 million cumulatively in live tournaments and over $1 million in online poker events. Still, the poker pro recently won $93,217 after being the last player at the table at PokerStars' $5,200 Titans Event.

The tournament featured 54 players who created a $300,000 prize pool. But, only the leading seven entrants got a share of the pool. Jans "Graftekkel" Arends and Georgi "millennial" Sandev missed the pot despite advancing to the final table.

Who Were the Event's Top Finalists?

  1. Thomas "WushuTM" Muehloecker from Austria-$93,217
  2. Dan "NukeTheFish!" Wilson from the United Kingdom-$67,175
  3. zvienaz from Lithuania-$48,409
  4. Benjamin "bencb789" Rolle from Austria-$34,885
  5. Niklas "Lena900" Astedt from Sweden-$25,139
  6. PAX176 from Poland-$18,116
  7. Ebaaa11 from Montenegro-$13,055

The Final Table's Action

Sandev burst the tournament's money bubble in eighth place. Ebaaa11 took home $13,055 after leaving the table in seventh place.

PAX176 followed Ebaaa11 in sixth place with $18,166 and Niklas Astedt's run ended shortly in fifth place. Benjamin Rolle exited the tournament in fourth place with $34,885. Yet, he later won $14,601 in the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up High Roller.

zvienaz finished third with $48,409, hence setting up heads-up action between Muehloecker and Dan Wilson (2016 Irish Open winner). Muehloecker outsmarted Wilson in the last hand and busted him as the runner-up with $67,175.

dimadub93 Is the Recent Sunday Million PKO's Champion

Last weekend's $109 Sunday Million attracted 10,823 entrants who formed a $1,082,300 prize pool. PokerStars awarded half of the pool in its usual manner and the other half as bounties.

The Event's Largest Prizes

  1. dimadub93 from Montenegro-a $81,775 total prize; $26,201 bounties and a $55,574 prize
  2. vilost from Brazil- a $61,592 total prize; $6,024 bounties and a $55,568 prize
  3. tzini9 from Romania- a $45,008 total prize; $4,117 bounties and a $40,891 prize
  4. Heidegger807 from Canada- a $32,338 total prize; $3,956 bounties and a $28,382 prize
  5. GOT3As from Honduras- a $26,706 total prize; $6,780 bounties and a $19,926 prize
  6. pppharmacy from the United Kingdom-a $14,846 total prize; $1,258 bounties and a $13,588 prize
  7. fart0vbli from Kazakhstan- a $14,976 total prize; $5,405 bounties and a $9,571 prize
  8. Quepacha18 from Argentina- a $10,199 total prize; $3,407 bounties and a $6,792 prize
  9. Serebity_p from Romania- a $5,876 total prize; $1,042 bounties and a $4,834 prize

How Things Unfolded at the Table

Serebity_p was the only final table qualifier who made a four-figure score as their colleagues bagged over $10,000 each. The player finished ninth with $5,876. Quepacha18, fart0vbli, and pppharmacy followed them in eighth, seventh, and sixth place respectively.

GOT3As, Heidegger807, and tzini9 got busted simultaneously in fifth, fourth, and third place. tzini9's kicked off a tough battle of the blinds between vilost and dimadub93.dimadub93 beat vilost and sent them packing in second place with $61,592.


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