Tim Tebow Odds: What Will the Former NFL Quarterback Do Next?

After spending the past few years focusing on baseball, former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow attempted an NFL comeback this year with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Rather than playing his normal position, Tebow joined the team as a tight end in hopes that it would improve his odds of returning to the league. Unfortunately for him, that dream came to an end as the Jaguars cut him from their training camp roster last week.

At 34 years old, an NFL return was always going to be easier said than done for Tim Tebow. With that likely being his last shot at rejoining the league, people have begun speculating what he’ll do next. Well, at -150 odds, BetOnline is favoring that Tebow’s next venture will be coaching a football team.

While it doesn’t specify which level of football he’d be coaching, it does make sense for Tebow to take that route if he wants to stay involved in the game. After all, he was never a great quarterback at the NFL level and he wasn’t going to cut it as a tight end. The next logical step would be to coach. If he’s dying to be by the field, Tebow could always try to be an assistant coach of sorts or perhaps look into joining an NCAA coaching staff. Just because his body won’t let him play in the NFL doesn’t mean he can’t have a great mind for the game.

Tim Tebow spent his collegiate career being taught by Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, which means the latter could act as a mentor for the former in the coaching world. After all, Meyer made it clear that he likes Tebow, as did the rest of the locker room. Assuming that statement holds true, the former QB could make a decent coach one day.

Tim Tebow Odds: What Will He Do Next?

Odds via BetOnline as of Monday, August 23

  • Coach a football team (-150)
  • Celeb Boxing Match (+200)
  • WWE appearance (+300)
  • Preacher/Pastor (+400)
  • Missionary (+2000)
  • Chippendale dancer (+3300)
  • OnlyFans celeb (+3300)
  • Olympic athlete (+10000)

Tebow Celebrity Boxing Odds

At +200 odds, the second-likeliest career path for Tim Tebow to take is a celebrity boxing match. In recent years, celebrity boxing has become more and more popular, most notably by Logan and Jake Paul. After all, it’s a quick way for celebrities to settle “online beefs” while also making a decent payday.

On one hand, it’s not like Tim Tebow has outright said that he wanted to be a boxer one day. His only connection to the sport is a pretty big one, though, as he did visit and train with one of the greatest boxers of all time, Manny Pacquiao, back in 2015. Obviously, that was six years ago, but it shows that Tebow has an appreciation for boxing. He certainly doesn’t need to be elite at it for a celebrity boxing match — as proven by celebrities in the past. All he needs is an opponent to fight, as well as some training leading up to the bout, and he’ll be good to go.

Tim Tebow WWE Odds

If boxing isn’t the route that Tim Tebow wants to take, he can always try his hand at being a professional wrestler. BetOnline has listed the odds of him wrestling in the WWE at +300, which makes it seem like there’s a realistic shot at it happening.

Back in 2018, WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon openly talked about wanting Tim Tebow to play in the XFL. At the time, Tebow was busy with his MLB aspirations, however, he said that he would be open to appearing on WWE television to cut a promo, adding that the two sides “could do something fun.” Whether the former football player was talking about a one-off appearance or multiple matches remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, a WWE career wouldn’t be impossible for Tebow. Being 34 years old doesn’t mean he’s too old to be a wrestler and we’ve seen past former NFL players transition into a WWE role, whether that’s as a superstar or on commentary. Tebow’s also quite charismatic, which means he’s nearly TV-ready for the WWE.

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