Toronto Raptors Odds: How Many Wins Will the Team Finish With?

The Toronto Raptors have been one of the more disappointing teams of the 2020-21 NBA Season. Two years ago, the team won the NBA Championship before Kawhi Leonard left for Los Angeles. Last season, the club finished with 53 wins in 72 games, however, they lost in seven games to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

But this season has been different. The Raptors lost important pieces like Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol over the offseason and just haven’t been able to recover. Multiple losing streaks this season have the Raptors at 18-29, five games back of the Miami Heat for the final playoff spot in the East.

Bovada has released odds on how many wins the Toronto Raptors will have on the season, as well as what their final winning percentage will be. Read on to see the chances of the team playing .500 basketball again this season.

Toronto Raptors Odds: 2020-2021 Regular Season Wins

Odds via Bovada as of Tuesday, March 30

  • Over 32.5 (+155)
  • Under 32.5 (-220)

As of March 30, the Toronto Raptors have 18 wins — 15 away from hitting the over with 25 games remaining. It’s simple math, but that means that the Raptors would need to go at least 15-10 for the rest of the season.

For past Raptors teams, going 15-10 in a 25 game stretch would be no issue. After all, the team has not had less than 33 wins since the 2011-12 NBA Season. However, this team is different. This season’s team has gone 1-12 in March, including a loss to the Houston Rockets, ending their 20-game losing streak. The Raptors have also lost to the Detroit Pistons, one of the worst teams in the league, three times this month.

The fact of the matter is it’s hard to imaging the Toronto Raptors winning 15 more times to close out the season. There was a period from January to February where the Raptors went 15-9. But it’s difficult to see it happening again with how this team has been playing.

To make things harder, the Raptors still have to play the following teams to close out the season:

  • Los Angeles Lakers x2
  • Los Angeles Clippers x2
  • Brooklyn Nets x2
  • Utah Jazz x1

Raptors Odds: 2020-2021 Regular Season Winning Percentage

Odds via Bovada as of Tuesday, March 30

  • Over 50 percent (+650)
  • Under 50 percent (-1400)

At -1400, it’s looking unlikely that the Toronto Raptors will reach a .500 record again this season. With 72 games on the season, the Raptors will need to win at least 36 to reach the mark, meaning they have to go 18-7 in their last 25 games.

As mentioned earlier, the Raptors play some NBA Championship contenders for the remainder of the season. Not only that, but out of the 25 remaining games this season, 20 of them are against opponents who are higher in the standings. It’s hard to imagine the Raptors being that far down the standings, but they are. They’re actually just 5.5 games away from being at the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

If the Toronto Raptors are going to make the playoffs or at least finish at .500 or above, they’re going to need to play their best basketball of the season. There are no more opportunities for errors.

Devon Platana
Devon Platana

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