Two States Seeing Massive Casino Revenue Growth

The March gaming reports continue to roll in, and this time those reports came from the states of Connecticut and Mississippi. Neither of those states are ever going to challenge to be a leader in the gaming industry, but there have been some good numbers coming in.

Connecticut has seen a boost in revenue since the online casino industry was launched, while Mississippi could be looking to go in that direction as well. Both states are on the right track to seeing new records fall in 2024, and that has been the case for the first three months. 

FanDuel Casino Making Moves in Connecticut

FanDuel is one of the leaders in online casino gaming throughout the country, and it has recently made a big run in the state of Connecticut. What is surprising is that FanDuel is not currently the leader in online casino revenue, but that could change as soon as next month. 

For the month of March, the gross revenue for the FanDuel Casino moved past the $20 million mark, and that was the first time ever. That is something that the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe has done for the last seven months, and it’s lead over FanDuel is shrinking. 

MPI has partnered with DraftKings to power the online casino in Connecticut and that provider posted a gross gaming revenue of $22.7 million. This was not a record for DraftKings or MPI in the state as the gross revenue was actually more than $25 million in February. 

It’s pretty clear that FanDuel is starting to cut into the profits for DraftKings as MPI saw it’s lowest gross monthly revenue since November 2023. FanDuel has become the clear leader in online casino market share, and the bettors in the state of Connecticut are starting to take notice. 

Connecticut has now posted four straight months with a gross revenue of more than $40 million, and that is the first time in state history that it has happened. 

Mississippi Missing Out on Money

Lawmakers in the state of Mississippi continue to work on getting an online casino bill passed, and the state will continue to miss out on millions of dollars until that happens. Casinos in Mississippi posted a total gross revenue of $235 million for the first time in state history. 

Things are trending in the right direction for the casino industry in Mississippi as the adjusted gross revenue rose by over 13 percent from February. Casinos are now bringing in over $7.6 million per day in this state, and that could be even larger with online casino sites. 

The southern part of the United States has not yet seen any states legalize online casino gaming, but Mississippi is looking to become the first. Projections suggest that Mississippi could bring in more than $53 per month in online casino revenue, and that is just when things are getting started. 

Most of the betting action in the state of Mississippi has come from the coastal properties, but all 25 casinos played a role in this jump.


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