U.S. FanDuel Casino Performed Exemplarily, Increasing Flutter Entertainment’s Growth

The U.S. Flutter Entertainment market share snowballed by 26 percent in the fourth quarter of 2022. The company credits this growth to U.S. FanDuel Casino. Reports also show that players increased by 63 percent monthly in the fourth quarter at the FanDuel Casino.

Flutter Entertainment is comprised of FanDuel Casino and PokerStars gambling rooms. Flutter was excited to announce the growth, noting that FanDuel performed exceptionally.

Flutter still recognizes that its casino platforms have yet to dominate the industry as its sportsbook has. It acknowledges that BetMGM is still dominating the industry with 30 percent of the market share in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Yet, the company is still happy because its revenue grew by 67 percent in 2022. This came from Stardust, PokerStars, FanDuel, FoxBet, and TVG. The 2022 financial report also shows that Flutter made most of its money from the U.S.

For that reason, Flutter may add a secondary stock market listing. The company cannot offer a FanDuel IPO yet because of an ongoing legal negotiation with Fox Corporation.

Still Room for Improvement

The U.S. iGaming revenue for Flutter improved by 34 percent in 2022. FanDuel Casino played a massive part in ensuring this.

Several other things contributed. For instance, the company hired Mischief @ No Fixed Address in July 2022.

The agency was tasked with growing the client base and market share and promoting FanDuel. The company must have done its job perfectly.

Another reason for the increased income is a more extensive client base and better engagement. The company explained that it focused on acquiring casino customers and broadening its offerings.

Flutter Will Appeal More to Casino Players

Most sportsbooks offering casino games assume their clients crossed over from sports betting platforms. It is often true. However, Flutter is changing its strategy by directly focusing on online casino players.

The March 2 financial report indicates Flutter will increase its marketing and advertising efforts toward online casino and poker players. Flutter Entertainment CEO boasted that his company was the largest online casino operator globally.

Peter Jackson highlighted his company’s performance in the UK, noting that the market was brutally competitive. The CEO insisted that his company knew how to run the gambling business and that they were good at it.

Peter explained that his company self-evaluates. He noted that his company had already noticed that its U.S. products could have been better and planned to improve them.

The CEO believes there is much more to do about Flutter`s products. While the company is happy, Peter noted the company is not finished making changes. He promised product improvement to enhance the company’s market position.

Meanwhile, the earnings report featured friendlier language. It stated that Flutter had a strategy to improve its online content and grow its podium position, which would become a success if the company focused on casino customers directly and enhanced their experience.

The increased player base during the Q4 of 2022 was also due to the introduction of FanDuel’s Casino Reward Machine. This reward was introduced in Q3 and greatly appealed to new clients during the last quarter. Flutter will invest more in casino studios, shared platforms, and U.S.iGaming products this year, hoping to grow its market share and client base.


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