Vegas Marketing Twist — New Motto To Be Revealed At Grammys

Everybody knows the popular saying — “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It’s a motto that has traveled the world and attracted millions of tourists around the globe to visit the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Vegas was indeed something where memories are created, with many people having a great time during their stay.

However, the tourism officials of Sin City seem to think that they need to add a slight twist to the motto and change it a bit. They plan to present their new motto at the upcoming Grammys, and people are overall hyped about this change — although many may not like how it is going to look like after the change.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) made a teaser of a kind to create more hype about it. In fact, some of the celebrities really loved the idea, and one of them is the frontman of the legendary band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler.

He even made a back-and-forth with the crowd at one of his concerts by saying “What Happens Here,” and getting “Only Happens Here” in return.

Moreover, Tyler also uploaded a post on Instagram, claiming that Aerosmith teamed up with the city to “create the next big thing for the city.” Finally, he announced that those interested in the new motto would be able to find out more about it on Jan. 26, which is the day for the Grammys.

The Exact Slogan Is Not Available

It’s difficult to keep information secret for a long time, especially when it’s something that can spread fast, such as a slogan for a city. However, the LVCVA seems to be doing pretty well at keeping a secret about the exact wording of the slogan.

At the moment, only wild guesses are taken by Vegas fans, and the closest one seems to be “What Happens Here, Only Happens Here.”

The official hashtag for the campaign was #OnlyVegas, and that could actually be a full motto of the city. After all, something as simple and catchy as “Only Vegas” could be a nice replacement for the previous one.

Nevertheless, we know that the LVCVA commissioned R&R Partners, the advertising agency behind the original motto, to provide something refreshing. Therefore, it’s likely that the new motto would be just a modification of the original one.

The way the original motto was created was not much of a story. According to the CEO of R&R, Billy Vassiliadis, the motto was just representing the “feeling people only get in Vegas.” This is somewhat true, as many Vegas tourists love that special feeling that is closely tied to the experience they undergo when they are in Sin City.

Things are being prepared right now for the big motto reveal. In fact, the LVCVA has already purchased some TV time for a minute-long ad that will land nationwide. Since they partnered up with Aerosmith, the commercial for the new motto will actually land somewhere around the live performance of the band.

Tyler and his bandmates are currently performing in Vegas as part of their residency in the city. Their shows are in MGM’s Park Theater and will last until June.

“What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas,” is definitely a slogan that’s going to stick for a long time. It was created back in 2003 when Las Vegas wanted to market itself as a city of entertainment and unforgettable experiences, rather than just a city of casinos.

Needless to say, the motto managed to somewhat shift the focus away from gambling and present Las Vegas as the Entertainment Capital of the World.


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