VemLavanda Is the New 888poker Mystery Bounty Main Event Champion

888poker's latest $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event attracted 913 players. VemLavanda was the second player on the chip standings when he qualified for the final table after Luciole16. Still, other players won the tournament's three largest bounties before they set the final table.

Diguiry finished in 73rd place with a $3,000 bounty. Luciole16 also won a $3,000 mystery bounty and Kzzzon bagged $10,551 bounties despite finishing in the 30th position.

What Did the Top Nine Players Take Home?

VemLavanda from Brazil-a $8,919 total prize; $1,179 bounties and a $7,740 prize

Luciole16 from Kazakhstan- a $9,471 total prize; $3,826 bounties and a $5,645 prize

skacas from Lithuania- a $5,724 total prize; $1,574 bounties and a $4,150 prize

zZero92 from Lithuania- a $3,815 total prize; $740 bounties and a $3,075 prize

Zharok from Kazakhstan- a $2,577 total prize; $302 bounties and a $2,275 prize

Sehabah from Ukraine- a $2,096 total prize; $396 bounties and a $1,700 prize

nolimithhh from Romania- a $1,531 total prize; $251 bounties and a $1,280 prize

FishermanI95 from Romania- a $1,612 total prize; $642 bounties and a $970 prize

latvianhero1 from Latvia- a $1,874 total prize; $1,134 bounties and a $740 prize

The Final Table’s Highlights

The remaining players set a nine-handed final table but its action kicked off with eight players since a double elimination of Quellas_Sont and latvianhero1 took place late in Day 1. The former finished 10th and the latter exited the event in ninth place.

FishermanI95 had a short stack when the final day's action began. Yet, they made a seven-big blind raise after Zharok made a cutoff limp. VemLavanda went all-in and placed a three-bet before folding a raiser.

Even so, FishermanI95 called. His king-queen of diamonds lost to VemLavanda's ace-queen and he finished eighth.

nolimithhh followed FishermanI95 in seventh place after using King-nine of diamonds to make a 6.2 big blinds open-shove from the button while skacas used pocket aces to make a small blind wake-up move. Their outs didn't land on the river and turn hence resulting in nolimithhh's elimination.

The king-queen flopped the top pair before turning two pair and Sehabah left the table in sixth place. Zharok finished fifth after zZero92 defeated them in a clash for the blinds.

zZero92's stack gradually grew to over 40 big blinds. Yet, a cooler hand ended their run in fourth place.

skacas opted to make an 11-big blind min-raise and VemLavanda made a small blind jam. The former made an all-in call and got ace-queen as the latter got pocket fives. Unfortunately, the five community cards busted skacas in third place.

VemLavanda had a significant chip advantage over Luciole16 when their heads-up match began. The latter used ten-nine of hearts to limp and the former raised before calling. Even so, VemLavanda used ace-jack to call before landing a jack on the flop and busting Luciole16 in second place with $9,471.


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