Venetian Casino Releases Reopening Protocols

In Las Vegas, the Venetian is one of the first casinos to provide their reopening protocols. This week, the venue released a set of measures that will be in place when reopening occurs for both the public and employees. Among changes will be masks provided to guess, social distancing on the casino game floor and thermal screening at the hotel and casino entrances.

Details of the Protocols

The Venetian made their announced during a time when no reopening date has been scheduled in Las Vegas. The resort has already had to cancel reservations at the property through May 31st. Even though gaming venues are not operating at this time, operators are figuring out ways to be able to open and provide a safe environment.

The Venetian Clean Initiative has over 800 points that will be put in place when reopening occurs. Included in the mix are thermal cameras installed at each entry point. They will screen everyone who enters and a secondary screening will take place regarding individuals who have a temperature of 100.4 or higher. Anyone with a high temperature will be recommended to seek treatment.

UV lights as well as hospital grade disinfectant will be used in high touch areas. This will include luggage carts, assumedly also ATMs and slot games. Face masks will be provided to guests and they can also choose to wear their own. Every suite of the casino hotel will offer disinfecting wipes, gloves and hand sanitizer. Emergency medical technicians will be on hand 24 hours a day to assist as needed.

Social Distancing Protocols

In this time of the coronavirus outbreak, social distancing has become the new norm. If anyone must go out, they should maintain a distance of six feet from someone else. For the Venetian, they will be practicing social distancing on the casino floor, at the swimming pools, restaurants and meeting areas.

Hotel offices and desks will implement the six feet rule. Areas for guest queuing like the taxi or front desk lines, will have markings so that everyone can stay a safe distance from each other. Hotel elevators will be limited to four people. Gondola rides will also be limited to four people.

Restaurants and bars will have limited seating. For convention and meeting space, seating will be separated to practice social distancing. Pool seating will also be rearranged to promote distance among guests.

The approach being taken by the Venetian is certainly a strong one and it may make guests feel more at ease when the time comes for reopening. However, for some, it still may not be enough. While there are rules in place, not everyone will follow them. Because this is America, everyone has a right to their own opinion and if it is not law, then they do not have to follow the protocols.

Hopefully, casinos will be prepared to make people follow the protocols or be removed from the property if they do not fall in line. We shall see what approach is taken once the venues are back in business.

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Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.