“VirtuLOKO” Wins $9,723 in the $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event

888poker is set to kick off its $2 Million Guaranteed XL Autumn Series on September 17. However, “VirtuLOKO” proved his expertise in poker by bagging the $9,723 top prize in the $100,000 Guaranteed Mystery Bounty Main Event while preparing for the forthcoming series.

The tournament had a $109 buy-in and 941 entrants. They included 178 re-entries and 763 distinct players.

Still, VirtuLOKO made two buy-ins before emerging as the winner in their third attempt. The event’s Day 1 played on September 10, and the mystery bounties’ bubble burst on the 18th level. jonttis07 and rodtrader bagged $3,000 bounties each, while Elephant106 won a $10,000 jackpot bounty.

What the Top Nine Players Took Home

  1. VirtuLOKO from Brazil-a $9,723 total prize; $2,418 bounties and a $7,305 prize
  2. Gulmamedov from Ukraine- a $5,678 total prize; $338 bounties and a $5,340 prize
  3. Tony996 from the United Kingdom- a $5,517 total prize; $1,592 bounties and a $3,925 prize
  4. traneren from Denmark-a $3,797 total prize; $912 bounties and a $2,885 prize
  5. bouillax from Malta- a $4,051 total prize; $1,916 bounties and a $2,135 prize
  6. BuddyLuv from the United Kingdom- a $1,728 total prize; $138 bounties and a $1,590 prize
  7. Kuzyaev14 from Thailand- a $1,425 total prize; $230 bounties and a $1,195 prize
  8. raw_dawg- a $1,707 total prize; $802 bounties and a $905 prize
  9. figalex25 from peru-a $1,062 total prize; $372 bounties and a $690 prize

What Transpired at The Final Table

Each of the nine finalists had an average-sized stack. But, figalex25 remained with less than ten big blinds after losing a vital early pot. They used pocket sevens to make a 6.4 big blinds under-the-gun all-in move.

raw_dawg used pocket nines to make a cutoff call and bouillax used king-eight of spades to call some chips in the big blind. Yet, the latter made a trip kings flop that earned them the pot.

Three players, including raw_dawg went all-in in a huge pot. Kuzyaev14 used pocket kings to make a cutoff min-raise, raw_dawg used ace-jack of clubs to make a 17.5 big blinds three-bet shove and Gulmamedov used pocket aces to call 14 big blinds.

Even so, Kuzyaev14 called. The jack-high board gave Gulmamedov the pot, reduced Kuzyaev14’s stack to eight big blinds and eliminated raw_dawg in eighth place.

The five community cards busted Kuzyaev14 in seventh place. BuddyLuv used king-four to make an eight big blinds open-shove but lost to VirtuLOKO’s ace-ten hence finishing sixth.

Gulmamedov used ace-three of spades to move all-in from a small blind and bouillax used pocket queens to call off their remaining chips thus leaving the table in fifth place. traneren used ace-king to make a 6.5 big blinds button shove Tony996 used pocket tens to call.

The latter flopped a set before turning squads and sending the former packing in fourth place. Tony996’s run ended shortly in third place as Gulmamedov and VirtuLOKO battled it out for the top prize. Unfortunately, Gulmamedov lost it to VirtuLOKO and took home $5,678.


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