Vladimir Grechnikov Wins $80,268 At Seminole Casino Coconut Creek’s RunGood Poker Series Main Event

Vladimir Grechnikov, a New Jersey poker player, defeated 607 entrants in Event No. 6:$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek in the RunGood Poker Series(RGPS). He won $80,268 in a $589,760 prize pool, being the best score in his poker career.

The pro won the event after playing in a heads-up battle for less than an hour. PokerNews interviewed him after his victory, and he stated that he hadn't fully comprehended what had happened at the final table.

Grechnikov had a previous best score of $16,153 before the RunGood Poker Series and $54,030 as his career total. His latest win has doubled his total and earned him more money to take part in various tournaments.

The player stood second on the final day in chips standings and doubled them back despite getting an early setback, thus defeating opponents like Jason Wandling.

2020 RunGood Poker Series $1,100 Main Event Final Table Results

The tournament's finalists won the following cash prizes:

  1. Vladimir Grechnikov-$80,268
  2. Jason Wandling-$65,000
  3. Denys Shafikov-$65,000
  4. Matthew Bretzfield-$65,000
  5. Timothy Miles-$27,607
  6. Matthew Lambrecht-$22,600
  7. Kevin Blewitt-$18,595
  8. Leroy Grant-$14,827
  9. Jacob Ristich-$11,117

Action at the Final Table

Jacob Ristich was the first player to leave the final table. He used pocket queens to move all-in in a four-bet, but Timothy "T.K." Miles' pocket aces snapped him, thus eliminating him at ninth place and earning him $11,117.

Leroy Grant exited the tournament after Ristich. He used ace-queen to move all-in, but Gretzfield's pocket tens snap-called him from the cutoff. The runout lacked an ace and queen, thus forcing Grant to go home with $14,827.

Kevin Blewitt was the stack leader at the moment but was unable to beat his rivals first at the table. He went all-in with nine-seven facing Jason Wandling's ace-ten and was at risk of exiting the event. There wasn't any improvement, and Blewitt got eliminated in the seventh position and won $18,595.

Matthew Lambrecht, who was Day 1a's chip leader, went in with ace-jack while Miles had ace-ten. He hit tens thrice and got the lead. Yet, Lambrecht got eliminated in sixth place and received $22,600.

Miles used ace-king of hearts to go all-in and faced Wandling's pocket queens despite having a chip lead, huge chip exchanges, and several double-ups. The ten-high runout lacked an ace, heart flush, and king, thus ending Miles' run in fifth place and earning him $27,607.

The last four players returned to the table at 2 p.m. on Monday as blinds stood at 150,000/300,000. A fast deal was sealed, and it generated $65,000 for each player hence allowing the event's champion to go home with the RunGood Poker Series Pro-Am seat and $80,268.

Matthew Breztfield, the then chip leader's hopes, were reduced after he doubled up Grechnikov and got a setback. He used his last five big blinds to go all-in from a button having eight-five suited while Grechnikov held suited queen-jack in the small blind. Bretzfield won $65,000 after the board ran out jack-high.

Denys Shafikov, the World Poker Tour (WPT) Sochi winner, got an early double but lost a huge pot with ace-queen to Grechnikov's ace-two. This left him with two big blinds that failed to improve his eight-seven when he faced Jason Wandling, who had ace-six. Shafikov exited the event in third place and won $65,000.

A heads-up battle enabled Grechnikov to take over the lead. Even so, Wandling doubled up fast after Grechnikov's open-ended straight draw failed to improve against his top pair.


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