Vojtech Skalak Wins $71,466 In PartyPoker MILLIONS Online As It Kicks Off On a High Note

The PartyPoker MILLIONS Online kicked off well, and two of its prize pools surpassed their initial guaranteed amounts. Day 1 of the $3,200 buy-in $2 million guaranteed tournament was solid.

Reports state that 255 signed up for the $1,575 buy-in $250,000 guaranteed MILLIONS Online No. 1: Opener PKO tournament and created a $383,500 prize pool. Yet, only 37 players advanced to Day 2, September 5, and nine of them formed the final table.

The Final Table's Results

  1. Vojtech Skalak from Czech Republic – a $71,466 total prize; $41,625 bounties and a $29,841 prize
  2. Nino Ullmann from Austria – a $37,490 total prize; $7,687 bounties and a $29,803 prize
  3. Jans Arends from Austria – a $33,054 total prize; $12,796 bounties and a $20,258 prize
  4. Renan Bruschi from Brazil – a $22,843 total prize; $9,374 bounties and a $13,469 prize
  5. Daniel Petersen from Denmark – a $14,311 total prize; $4,476 bounties and a $9,835 prize
  6. Tiago Fernandez Dos Santos from Brazil – a $12,787 total prize; $4,875 bounties and a $7,912 prize
  7. Elio Fox from Mexico – a $8,886 total prize; $2,812 bounties and a $6,074 prize
  8. Pedro Madeira from Brazil – a $10,517 total prize; $5,460 bounties and a $5,057 prize
  9. Leon Sturm from Austria – a $7,517 total prize; $3,281 bounties and a $4,236 prize

Action at the Final Table

Renan Bruschi ended Leon Sturm's debut run at the final table when he flopped trip threes as the latter paired king on the flop. Sturm missed a fold and left the table in ninth place with $7,517.

Pedro Madeira was the first Brazilian to leave the event after he got eliminated in eighth place with $10,517. Vojtech Skalak made a cutoff raise before folding as Madeira placed a three-bet from a small blind.

Nino Ullman placed a four-bet from a big blind. Madeira shoved with pocket tens, but Ullman's pocket jacks beat him when he flopped a boat.

Elio Fox dropped his chip position from being amongst the top four to finishing seventh after a few hands. His ace-queen first lost to Daniel Petersen's pocket tens. Then, he went all-in in a three-bet using pocket nines over Jans Arends' raise.

Arends used superior tens to snap call. The board didn't help Fox, and he got eliminated in seventh place. Tiago Fernandes Dos Santos used pocket fours to put 15 big blinds in a three-bet all-in after Arends opened from a small blind.

Arends used suited ace-nine to call, flopped a nine, and busted Dos Santos in sixth place. A short raising between Petersen and Ullmann put the former at risk of being busted with ace-king while the latter held pair of red tens.

Petersen flopped his king and turned another one, while Ullmann turned a full house after flopping a set. The river didn't help Petersen, and he finished fifth. Surprisingly, the player later won $2,209 after finishing in ninth place in the MILLIONS Online Mini Opener PKO.

Skalak got the chip lead after two eliminations and earned two huge bounties. Arends made a 2,400,000 min-raise using ace-king on the button, while Bruschi made a 23,400,000 three-bet. Yet, Skalak made a 59,380,049 cold-four-bet jam and covered both players.

Arends called off 46,621,686 chips and outperformed Bruschi's dominated ace-five. But, Skalak's pocket sevens were ahead of him. None of his rivals caught up after sevens flopped a full house.

Skalak made it 5,000,000 at the 1,000,000/2,000,000/250,000a level using jack-four in the final hand, while Ullmann used ace-ten to call. The former flopped two pair, and the latter used a 7,560,000 wager to check-call.

Ullmann check-called a 19,000,000 wager when the queen arrived on the turn and rechecked on a nine river. Still, Skalak went all-in and prompted Ullmann to consider different choices before he called all in a huge chunk of his stack. Unfortunately, Skalak beat him and won the MILLIONS Online title.


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