Why Andrew Yang Could End Up Becoming New York’s Next Mayor

Andrew Yang currently the frontrunner

The state of New York is set to pick their next mayor in 2021, and some interesting favorites have already emerged at the front of the group. In fact, between former Democratic Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, sitting as the favorite, and underdogs like Eric Adams very close behind, it’s obvious that this will be a close one.

Yang is currently listed as the +175-favorite followed by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams at +250, and New York City Comptroller, Scott Stringer at +400. Other hopefuls for the position are Diana Morales, who sits at +8000, Carlos Menchaca at +8000 and Kathryn Garcia at +2000. If nothing else, this lackluster field and the constant cries for change from the Democratic party could lead to Yang becoming Mayor.

Yang’s ideas could win him the race

While the business owner only won 8318 electoral votes in the Presidential race, he constantly made headlines for his opinions on gun control, a Universal Basic income and Medicare for all. It almost seemed like he was taking Donald Trump’s strategy of making headlines and got his name out there. That’s why he’s the favorite so far. He’s the only one a large portion of the country knows about.

Now, this doesn’t mean that won’t change as time goes on, and others enter the race, but Yang’s proposals might become very attractive to those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the economy. Furthermore, if Yang can center his campaign on transitioning the city into a post Covid-19 Era, it could be enough to make him the next Mayor.

Eric Adams his closest challenger

As for his closest competitor, Eric Adams, he is going to have some demons to overcome if he wants any chance of being the next Mayor of New York. One example of this was his controversial backing of fellow Senator, Hiram Monserrate, who was convicted of Misdemeanor assault after attacking his girlfriend. Adams also was one of 8 Senators who voted against Monserrate’s expulsion, which passed.

Then again, Adams is also known for his anti-police brutality stance and has made his opinion of the NYPD known several times throughout his career. This could be what helps Adams connect with the voters that want to see change in policing but are not ready to go towards Yang’s more progressive policies. If Adams wants to win, he needs to take the middle ground on the issue and find alternatives.

Scott Stringer still in the mix

And then there’s Scott Stringer, who has quite a good history of his own. Not only did he help do away with empty seat voting in the Assembly, but he also was also a huge advocate of anti-stalking laws. He also stood up for affordable housing and even Government reform, which are some solid issues to run on given the current political situation.

In the end, Yang might have the lead according to Bovada.com, but that doesn’t mean some heavyweight can’t come in and steal it from him. It also doesn’t mean Yang can’t lose this election by going too far to the left. Believe it or not, that is still very much an issue in today’s America. and could cost Yang with even some of the more progressive population.


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