Wiktor Malinowski Wins His Third Super MILLION$ Title and $273,804

Wiktor Malinowski is the sixth GGPoker player who has completed a Super MILLION$ hat trick. He ties with Isaac Haxton and Andras Nemeth. But the poker pro is two Super MILLION$ titles behind Michael Addamo, Artur Martirosian, and Niklas Astedt.

The Final Table's Results

  1. Wiktor Malinowski from Macau – $273,804
  2. Dennys Ramos from Brazil – $213,829
  3. Isaac Haxton from Canada – $166,992
  4. Denis Peganov from Latvia – $130,413
  5. Mr_Jiben from Austria – $101,847
  6. Diego "Ushuaia1" Zeiter from Austria – $79,538
  7. Daniel Dvoress from Austria – $62,116
  8. Andrei "Mr-Doberman" Nikonorov from Russia – $48,510
  9. Chris Klodnicki from Canada – $37,884

The first player at the final table exited the event after half an hour of intense play. Dennys Ramos got pocket kings and min-raised to 80,000 as Chris Klodnicki used king-queen to make a 271,000 three-bet. But the former placed a four-wager to 462,000 to get back at him.

Klodnicki jammed to 1,163,256 as R-mos snap-called. The former got busted in ninth place with $37,884 after the kings held.

Andrei "Mr-Doberman" Nikonorov followed Klodnicki after he missed a draw. Ramos picked pocket aces as action folded to him in the middle position. Ramos made an 80,000 min-raise as Nikonorov called with queen-eight of clubs from the big blind.

A nine-jack-trey flop dropped having two clubs as Nikonorov placed a 334,000-continuation bet and 112,000 check-raise. Ramos piled it as Nikonorov called off 449,883 chips and left the tournament in eighth place with $48,510 after the river and turn bricked out.

Dvoress Bot Busted in Seventh Place After Starting in Ninth Place

Daniel Dvoress had the shortest stack when he advanced to the final table. He had 212,000 chips when he used king-queen to go from late position, thus remaining with 307,337 chips. Dvoress put them in the middle after Diego "Ushuaia1" Zeiter jammed all-in with 556,406 chips from a small blind that changed to an ace-king.

A flopped ace sent Dvoress packing in seventh place with $62,116. Zeiter got busted next after an hour. Ramos used ace-seven and 240,000 chips to raise the big blind thrice as Zeiter used queen-jack to call from the big blind. But the latter was left with 395,482 chips only.

Zeiter got an open-ended straight draw from a ten-king-six flop, and his stack ended up in the middle after he check-called all-in. The turn and river didn't help him, thus making him finish sixth with the night's last five-figure prize.

Ramos used king-seven of diamonds to open-shove for 18 big blinds as Mr_Jiben called all-in with 1,048,314 chips using a dominating king-queen from the big blind. A four and a six followed a nine-five-trey flop and awarded Ramos with an unexpected straight, hence increasing his stack to over 7.4 million chips.

Malinowski Makes an Impressive Comeback

Malinowski had the least chips when a four-handed play started. He began his comeback after using kings versus tens to double Isaac Haxton. Denis Peganov made a 958,508 chips open-shove with ace-deuce from the button as Malinowski held pocket tens as he looked up at his opponent.

The former left the table in fourth place, and Haxton followed him in the third position in the 50,000/100,000/12,500a level. He used queen-ten of diamonds from the button to open to 800,000 remaining with 782,797 chips. Malinowski had a 11,000,964:1,599,036 chips lead after clashing with Ramos.

The latter used nine-seven to stake 200,000 chips on the button as Malinowski used king-jack of hearts to make a 700,000 raise. The latter had a 435,000 chips lead after the flop turned deuce-deuce-nine. This prompted Ramos to make a 1,070,000 raise as Malinowski went all-in.

The former called off his remaining 2,065,112 stack, but a river queen eliminated him in second place with $213,829. Malinowski went home with the Super MILLION$ title and $273,804.


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