Will Artur Martirosian Succeed in Winning His Sixth GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title?

Artur Martirosian, Michael Addamo, and Niklas Astedt tie, each having five GGPoker Super MILLION$ titles. Even so, Addamo didn't take part in this week's event, while Astedt made three $10,300 buy-ins.

Martirosian reached the nine-handed final table, whose participants shared a huge chunk of the $1,760,000 prize pool. The poker pro has to beat eight players to win his record sixth title as he is the second-shortest stack in the final table that was scheduled to play on October 4 at 7:00 p.m. BST.

The Final Table's Chip Counts

  1. Roman Novoselov from turkey – 3,412,707 chips or 85 big blinds
  2. Pablo Silva from Brazil – 3,284,921 chips or 82 big blinds
  3. WouldILieToYOU from the Netherlands – 2,794,124 chips or 70 big blinds
  4. Wiktor Malinowski from Macau – 2,658,597 chips or 67 big blinds
  5. spaise411 from Russia – 1,418,896 chips or 36 big blinds
  6. Tyler "TheRayGuy" Cornell from Mexico – 1,323,039 chips or 33 big blinds
  7. Aleksejs Ponakovs from Latvia – 1,052,342 chips or 26 big blinds
  8. Artur Martirosian from Belarus – 846,554 chips or 21 big blinds
  9. Ramiro Petrone from Uruguay – 808,820 chips or 20 big blinds

Martirosian returns to action with 846,554 chips, about a quarter of Roman Novoselov's stack. It appears like he is on the ropes, yet, he has one big blind. The player has to improve his current position fast.

Novoselov is in the pole position when action resumes with 3,412,707 chips. He has over $195,000 GGPoker winnings, and they will double if he finishes among the top three players. The odds are in his favor as some of the players at the table don't match his expertise.

Pablo Silva is eyeing another Super MILLION$ title. He recently surpassed the $5.5 million GGPoker earnings mark, and another Super MILLION$ title will increase his winnings to almost $6 million as the winner will take home $357,739.

The Final Table's Payouts

  • 1st player – $357,739
  • 2nd player – $280,497
  • 3rd player – 219,933
  • 4th player – $172,446
  • 5th player – $135,212
  • 6th player – $106,018
  • 7th player – $83,127
  • 8th player – $65,178
  • 9th player – $51,105

"WouldILieToYOU" has won the title in the past. Some of his accomplishments at GGPoker include a World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit ring and a Global MILLION$. He sits at the table with 2,794,124 chips.

Wiktor Malinowski follows WouldILieToYOU. He is a high-stakes cash game pro and a three-time Super MILLION$ winner. His stack can help him secure another title.

The remaining five finalists have between 20 and 40 big blinds each. spaise411 is a top contender for the title, and he has 1,418,896 chips.

Tyler "TheRayGuy" Cornell, a WSOP bracelet champion, is trying his luck at the table with 1,323,039 chips or 33 big blinds. He has won over $5.7 million at GGPoker, and he faced tough opponents at the table in the past.

Statistics state that players who are in great form have a high chance of winning competitive tournaments. Aleksejs Ponakovs won over $100,000 on Sunday at PokerStars, and he heads to another final table with 1,052,342 chips.

Martirosian is eighth in the chip standings, while Ramiro Petrone sits at the bottom with 808,820 chips. The latter won three GG Online Championships, GGMasters, and a Super MILLION$ title in the past.


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