William Kopp Is the WSOP Event No.66:$1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha 8 or Better Champion

The 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event No.66: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better tournament ended on Friday night. It attracted 1,125 entrants and had a $259,549 top prize that William Kopp won after beating Michael Rodrigues in a fierce battle of the blinds.

The Ohio player bagged a WSOP gold bracelet besides increasing his recorded $1 million poker event earnings. Still, this was his eighth score at WSOP and the largest payout in his career.

Kopp stated after the tournament that he felt great as he followed his sister's footsteps in winning a WSOP event. He alleged that his family's passion for poker played a key role in his latest victory. Moreover, he has close relationships with his mother and sister.

What Were the Biggest Prizes?

  1. William Kopp from the U.S. – $259,549
  2. Michael Rodrigues from Portugal – $160,418
  3. Mike Linster from the U.S. – $113,991
  4. Sterling Savill from the U.S. – $82,104
  5. Joseph McCarthy from the U.S. – $59,953
  6. Loni Hui from the U.S. – $44,391
  7. John Goyette from the U.S. – $33,335
  8. Anthony Zinno from the U.S. – $25,394
  9. Aaron Wallace from the U.S. – $19,627

Kopp's Determination on the Final Day

Day 3's action kicked off fast as Phillipp Krieger, Anthony Zinno, and Mike Linster doubled up through Kopp. They reduced his chips by more than half. But, Jorge Leon was the first player to exit the tournament after Kopp made fast rebounds and got the chip lead.

He busted Yuval Bronshtein and Krieger simultaneously. Wallace left the final table in the ninth position after Kopp cracked his aces. Zinno followed him in eighth place after Kopp's top pair dominated his flush draw and pair.

John Goyette reached the final table being second in the chip standings. Yet, he got in a tricky position after Joseph McCarthy and Linster doubled him and greatly reduced his chips. Goyette failed to improve after clashing with McCarthy's aces and ended his run in the seventh position.

Loni Hui had a short stack most of the time before the odds started favoring him. But, tables turned fast for McCarthy as he got busted in sixth place while Hui finished fifth.

Their exit kicked off fast four-handed play. Rodrigues got lucky when he doubled up Kopp and got the stack lead. He extended his great run when he sent Sterling Savill packing in the fourth position.

By then, Rodrigues held over half the chips that were on the table. Kopp knocked out Linster in third place and won a pot hence growing his stack. The latter run two pair and got counterfeited, thus losing to the former's card.

Rodrigues had a chip advantage over Kopp when their battle began. But the latter's persistent aggression helped him reduce the chip gap.

Kopp stunned his rail when he used nut low and a six-high straight to quarter Rodrigues. He got a 2:1 chip lead.

Rodrigues used a flopped flush draw after several hands but lost to Kopp's Broadway straight. He finished second with a $160,418 consolation prize.


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