Winter Championship Online Poker Series Now Underway

BetOnline is one of the leaders in the online casino gambling industry, and it’s one that gives away a ton of money to players. There was more than $3 million handed out a few months ago, and the next big competition series is now underway as well. 

The Winter Championship Online Poker Series (COPS) is now underway as the action officially kicked off on January 21st. This series is going to feature some of the top professional poker players, but there are opportunities for anyone to get involved. 

Buy-ins start at as little as $11 for some of the events, and there are over 200 tournaments taking place throughout the series. The launch date for this series was done with a purpose as a large part of the world is currently experience bad weather, leaving poker players in their homes. 

BetOnline also continues to do a great job of coming up with different styles of play to appeal to a larger number of poker players. The best poker players are able to win many different types of games, but there are also some players that focus on just one type of event. 

Big Events Scheduled

The main event is set to take place on Sunday, February 4th, and that is the tournament that players are trying to get into. That will be a $109 buy-in event, and $300,000 in prize money is going to be handed down. 

Not everyone is going to want to pay that kind of cash to enter an event though, and BetOnline has a loaded schedule up until that point. There were 10 different events that took place on Sunday, January 21, and the schedule is going to be similar every single day. 

A majority of the action is going to take place at night time, but there will also be some smaller events throughout the day. Most tournaments are going to start and conclude in the same day, but there are other events that will last a couple of days. 

There are a few multi-day Omaha tournaments and participants are going to be placed in flights before getting to the main table. These events are going to attract players from all over, and a complete listing of games can be found at BetOnline. 

Plenty of Promotions

Even as there are over 200 different tournaments to enter and win some money, there will be some other opportunities from BetOnline. There are satellite tournaments that start at just $1 for players, but players can also earn some free entries into other events. 

BetOnline is going to actually reward the players that don’t win a tournament on a single day by giving them a seat into a freeroll event. There will be a No Limit Hold-em Shoutout tournament every single day, and it will be filled with players that were shut out on the previous day. 

Winning those shootout tournaments will unlock other tournament opportunities as the winners will be placed into satellite events. With so many great ways to participate in the COPS event, it would be wise to head to BetOnline and get signed up for an account. 


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