Woman Arrested at Las Vegas Casino After Making a Bomb Threat

Police arrested a woman on Friday who was trespassing inside a Las Vegas Strip casino. The woman, Ashley Warner, 31, had called 911 claiming that there was a bomb in the hotel. Upon investigation, there wasn’t any bomb discovered.

The incident occurred after she couldn’t get a room at the hotel. She gave varying reports to the police claiming to be a “trust fund baby” of the Warner Bros. company after the police apprehended her. Upon investigation, it was discovered that she was not connected to the Warner Bros. or the Warner family.

Bomb threats cause mass panic and mayhem in casinos and other public spaces. The police feared that this would happen. This was evident in their arrest report. Warner was placed under arrest on Friday night.

Information Provided Concerning the Incidence

The police were responding to a 911 call from a woman saying that there was a bomb in the hotel premises. Warner told police that she got tired of getting harassed and dealing with people who didn’t know how to act when she says that she has no ID. Also, she said that she couldn’t get a room because nobody knew her.

She got arrested on Saturday and stayed in detention until June 8, 2022, at the Clark County Detention Center. The nature of her charges is unknown. According to the story, police believe the bomb threat sparked mass panic in the casino.

Warner’s bail request got denied as she was out of custody on other felony charges. Court documents showed that she was previously charged with trespassing, and the judge had ordered her to keep away from the Strip.

Other Similar Incidences

Scott Wesolaski, 31, in November 2021, alerted police that a bomb was installed at a Dotty’s casino in the city. He was attempting to divert officers’ attention away from the theft of his golf cart.

According to detectives, the suspect dialed in to create a smokescreen to ensure his getaway in the small, stolen vehicle. Records showed that he was detained earlier in the day and was already held by Clark County Detention Center before he called in the bomb threat. There was no explosive found.

In May 2021, a woman allegedly called in a bomb threat. This was at the Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa. Investigations traced the phone call to a motel in Clearwater.

The threat came after she lost a few hundred dollars on the slot machines. According to police, Adele Belizaire, 54, from Florida Spring Hill, confessed to making the bomb threat. The casino police collaborated with the Clearwater police department to apprehend her.

Police reported that her self-admitted anger caused her to make the threat. After losing $380 at the Hard Rock slot machines, she went to her hotel room to cool off and “blow off some steam.” However, the thought of losing such a huge amount caused her to call in the threat.

Investigations done revealed that there were no explosives on the premises. Belizaire was later charged with falsely reporting the planting of a bomb, explosion, or weapon of mass destruction. These felony charges got her jailed in Pinellas County Jail.


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