World Poker Tour Introduces WPT Prime and End WPTDeepStacks

The World Poker Tour just made one of the interesting announcements in this year’s poker industry. The company is ending its infamous WPTDeepStacks brand. The brand is being replaced with a new splinter tour known as WPT Prime.

WPT Prime is expected to make its first debut this spring. The tour will kick-start its operations with three events in Asia.

According to Cathy Zhao, the company has continued to improve WPT live tournaments to benefit more poker players during Season XX. Cathy Zhao is the senior director of global tour management. She has been in charge of the development of WPT Prime.

The senior director recognises WPT Prime as the epitome of WPT’s goal to offer the best poker tournament experience to poker players worldwide. WPT Prime’s relationship with WPT global associates will increase global WPT experience.

There are several similarities between WPT Prime and the Main Tour. These similarities are in action clocks, trophies, online coverage, and WPT Player of the Year points. The only difference is that WPT Prime will have these items at lower buy-ins than they are in the Main Tour.

Schedule WPT Prime Stops

The first WPT Prime stop will be from May 19 to May 3o at the Crown Poker Club in Vietnam. The main event will run for five days, from May 26 to May 30. It will have cost $1,100, which is equivalent to VND25 million.

WPT Prime will move to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in the summer, starting from August 11 to August 23. The summer event will be held at the NagaWorld Integrated Resort. The main event will happen from August 18 to August 22. There will be a buy-in of $1,100.

There will be a three-month break from the second to the third event. The third and last stop will happen from November 11 to November 21. The Chinese Texas Hold’ em Poker Association (CTP) in Taipei will be hosting the event.

The World Poker Tour has set aside $1,077equivalent to TWD30 000 as the main event buy-in, which will happen from November 17 to November 21.

According to Angelica Hael, WPT is delighted to return to Vietnam, Taiwan, and Cambodia for their Season XX events. Angelica Hael is the Vise President of global tour management.

COVID-19 pandemic had slowed things down. Now that the effects of the pandemic have one down, borders have opened, making it perfect timing for the WPT events.

NagaWorld Integrated Resort, Crown Poker Club, and Chinese Texas Hold’ em Poker Association are excited to open their doors for local and global players.

WPTDeepStacks Final Events

The World Poker Tour is living up to its name by taking poker to players worldwide. In January, the WPT declared it will have three new stops in Australia. Although, the only decided date released by the WPT was for WPTDeepStacks Sydney from March 30 to April 11.

This event will be held at The Star Sydney casino. The Star Gold Stop in Broadbeach will host the other two events. One of the two stops will be the Main Tour Stop.

Although the WPT has not released the dates for two events, their announcement indicated that the event in Sydney would be the last stop for WPTDeepStacks.

The WPTDeepStacks have scheduled three other stops. One event will happen from March 25 to April 2 in Amsterdam, one in Sydney, and another in ThunderValley, California, from April 19 to May 1. These stops are recorded as the last events before the retiring of the WPTDeepStacks brand.

WPT has scheduled another event in April at WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown. The exact dates for this event are not definitive. The World Poker Tour is yet to release more information regarding this event.

History of WPTDeepStacks

WPT Enterprises, Inc. is the developer of the World Poker Tour (WPT). WPT is the chief name of globally televised entertainment and gaming. The company has a brand presence in live tournaments, online, mobile, and television poker tournaments.

WPT has been one of the world’s leading companies in poker since its creation in 2002. The poker company broadcasts its poker events and news in over 150 countries worldwide.

Currently, WPT is creating its 18th season. This season airs in the U.S on FSN. is sponsoring Season XVIII. is an online membership site that gives access to the WPT and sweepstakes-based poker club, available in 43 states in America, Canada, France, United Kingdom, and Australia. The World Poker Tour is involved in other activities besides poker. These are; partnerships, brand licensing, and sponsorships.


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