WouldIlieToYOU Beats Artur Martirosian to win $357,739 and His Second Super MILLION$ Title

Many poker diehards have been discussing whether Artur Martirosian can improve his position from eighth place in the chip standings to win another Super MILLION$ title. Yet, the poker pro finished second after "WouldIlieToYOU" beat him in the recent GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table to win $357,739.

The Final Table's Results

  1. WouldIlieToYOU from the Netherlands – $357,739
  2. Artur Martirosian from Belarus – $280,497
  3. Wiktor Malinowski from Macau – $219,933
  4. Pablo Silva from Brazil – $172,446
  5. Roman Novoselov from Turkey – $135,212
  6. spaise411 from Russia – $106,018
  7. Tyler "TheRayGuy" Cornell from Mexico – $83,127
  8. Ramiro Petrone from Uruguay – $65,178
  9. Aleksejs Ponakovs from Latvia – $51,105

Action on the Final Day

Aleksejs Ponakovs was the first player to leave the final table. He made a 340,000 raise when WouldIlieToYOU made an 80,000 min-raise from under the gun. The latter lost almost half of his stack before calling, and WouldIlieToYOU put him all-in.

Five community cards didn't change the hand's course, and Ponakovs exited the tournament in ninth place with $51,105. Ramiro Petrone got on the rail's wrong side after facing Wiktor Malinowski. Action folded to the latter in the hijack, prompting him to make a 120,000 min-raise as the latter made a big blind call.

A jack-eight-seven all-spade flop influenced Petrone to check and Malinowski to wager 60,000. Petrone made a 180,000 check raise, and Malinowski called.

The two players anticipated a queen of clubs to land on the turn before Petrone wagered 600,000 chips and put them in as Malinowski put him all-in. The former used ace of spades to reveal pocket aces while Malinowski used a queen-ten to flop a flush and a straight flush redraw.

Petrone left the table in eighth place after the river bricked. Tyler Cornell followed him in seventh place after losing most of his big blinds in a straight on the river when Malinowski used queen-jack to flop a full house and beat his ten-nine.

Cornell doubled up before using ten-nine to shove 14 big blinds on the button, but Malinowski's king-ten beat him. spaise411 followed Cornell in sixth place after his stack was reduced to11 big blinds. He chose to play for stacks after looking down at ace-ten under the gun.

Even so, Martirosian used pocket aces to wake up in the cutoff while spaise411 drew dead by the turn and missed the six-figure payout. Roman Novoselov finished fifth after calling in a big blind when Martirosian made a 160,000 min-raise from the cutoff.

Novoselov check-called a 135,000-continuation wager on an eight-queen-ten flop that revealed two diamonds. The turn card was six of diamonds as Novoselov had a 264,598 lead. Martirosian called, Novoselov checked while an offsuit nine filled the community cards.

Martirosian set Novoselov all-in after wagering enough chips and prompted him to call off 1,133,759 chips. The latter turned an ace-deuce of diamonds while the former earned a straight flush from nine-seven of diamonds. Martirosian sent Pablo Silva in fourth place.

The latter made a 200,000 min-raise from under the gun while the former made a big blind call. They checked on a king-nine-five flop and led a four. Martirosian wagered 650,000 while Silva called.

WouldIlieToYOU busted Malinowski in the third place when he checked. The former got a 100,000 lead from a seven-five-ace flop while the latter called. The six of clubs filled the board as WouldIlieToYOU wagered enough and put Malinowski all-in, who used queen-seven to call off 922,888 chips.

Martirosian got a 12,043,315:5,556,685 stack advantage over WouldIlieToYOU as heads-up action began. The former used ten-nine to run a bluff before the latter doubled up. Still, the final hand played in the 70,000/140,000/17,500a level as WouldIlieToYOU limp called, and Martirosian used ace-four to collect 2,535,177.

WouldIlieToYOU had pocket sixes that held as queen-high appeared on the five community cards. Martirosian lost the title after finishing second with $280,497.


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