WouldIlieToYou Wins $1.17 Million in MILLION$ Week Main Event

WouldIlieToYou, a talented poker player, is the newest GGPoker millionaire after he won the $10,300 Super MILLION$ Week Main Event. He defeated 683 opponents and won $1,179,576.

The Main Event Final Table Results

The event's finalists won the following cash prizes:

  1. WouldIlieToYou from Netherlands-$1,179,576
  2. Andrii Novak from Ukraine-$909,577
  3. spaise411 from Russia-$701,380
  4. Patrick Leonard from Hungary-$540,838
  5. Nick Maimone from Canada-$417,043
  6. Simon Mattson from Norway-$321,584
  7. Chunlei Zhou from Hong Kong-$247,975
  8. Aleks Shepel from Armenia-$191,215
  9. Dejan Kaladjurdjevic from Montenegro-$147,446

Most poker diehards anticipated Chunlei Zhou would bust first as he had 6.7 big blinds only when he returned to action. But he doubled up after Simon Mattson's ace-queen held his pocket fives.

Dejan Kaladjurdjevic was in the fifth position in chip standings at the final table and had 44 big blinds. Yet, he was the first finalist to exit the event.

The player used pocket tens to min-raise from an early position as Andrii Novak placed a three-bet to 950,000 in a cutoff when the hole had ace-king. Kaladjurdjevic made a 5,999,874 four-bet as he went all-in, and Novak called. The latter made a trip kings flop that made the first player leave the final table.

Aleks Shepel stood at the eighth position in the 100,000/200,000/25,000a level. Novak made a 650,000 opening from a small blind while Shepel used a 1,700,000 three-bet to defend a big blind with pocket jacks. An ace was the door card, and it was insufficient to eliminate Shepel from the Main Event.

Zhou was the short stack when the day began, but he left the table in seventh place and won $247,975. It was more than $147,446, which everyone expected him to win.

His elimination occurred in the 125,000/250,000/30,000a level after he made a 1,456,469 open-shove from beneath the gun as Mattson held ace-seven of spades from a big blind.

Zhou's run ended after an ace appeared on the river and a seven on the turn. Mattson had a huge defeat even after bolstering Zhou's chips with his stack. He made a 630,000-open using a 300,000 big blind with ace-ten of spades from beneath the gun.

Novak later got an ace-king on the button and made a 1,574,500 raise. Mattson doubted Novak's story and quickly jammed for 7,493,873 that Novak called. Both players failed to improve, even though it wasn't a must for Novak.

Mattson exited the tournament in sixth place while Novak had a chip lead. Nick Maimone left the table in fifth place and won $417,043 despite being one of the event's favorites before he reached the final table. He failed to leave the second gear and crashed out in the 200,000/400,000/50,000a level.

More About WouldIlieToYou's Victory

WouldIlieToYou used 17.5 big blinds to open-shove from a cutoff with king-jack. This shove folded spaise411 and Patrick Leonard. Even so, Maimone called 4,435,102 chips using pocket jacks from a big blind.

Leonard lost a coin flip against WouldIlieToYou and was eventually relieved of his stack. The latter used pocket fours to min-raise to 1,000,000 as Leonard made a three-wager to 3,400,000 using ace-ten, thus having 2.5 big blinds left.

A pot in the 300,000/600,000/75,000a level granted WouldIlieToYou the trophy. He went all-in and placed a four-bet as Novak called a 26,929,568 all-in.

Novak's queen was true on the seven turn and the eight-four-jack flop. He finished second in the tournament and won $909,577.


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