WPT and Wynn Tackle Bubble Stalling in the WPT Prime Championship

Bubble stalling is a common challenge that many poker operators face during highly competitive tournaments. The World Poker Tour(WPT) and Wynn Resorts adjusted the $1,100 Buy-In WPT Prime Championship on its first day to tackle stalling near the money bubble.

Some short-stacked players often try to stall to enter the money brackets during tournaments. However, this habit irks many high stakers especially in events with huge guarantees. The WPT Prime Championship’s pot had more than $10 million when Day 1d’s session ended its registration period.

Why Did Wynn Make That Decision?

Wynn Resort’s Director of Poker Operations, Ryan Beauregard is determined to host a smooth WPT World Championship.he believes that this will happen if they reduce stalling in huge tournaments as the money bubble nears.

The gaming venue implemented Action Clocks at every table after Day 1’s Level 15 in the Championship. Players got four time extension starting stacks that they would use after getting in tricky situations like using top pair to face an opponent’s wager for a whole stack.

Players get 15 seconds from the Action Clock to make a preflop before their hand draws dead. Still, they will get 30 seconds to move if another player raises the initial wager.

Beauregard stated that they wanted to kick off the Action Clock before players burst the money bubble to allow them familiarize themselves with it first.also, they wanted the Clock to come when it would benefit the remaining players.

Studies reveal that short-stacked participants in huge poker events often stall to avoid getting busted without cashing. The Action Clock is common in the WPT events’ but it normally starts using it in the last stages.

What About Time Extension Stacks?

The remaining players on Day 2’s first break got extra four time extension stacks. WPT added four more chips early on Day 3,December 13. Once 24 players remain in the event, each of them gets more chips.

Still, players who reach the final table receive the last four chips. The event had 128 players out of the initial 10,512 entrants late in Day 2. Its structure didn't change and resembled that of the previous WPT Prime Championship.

The final table will be played on December 19 and the winner will take home almost $1.4 million. Hand-for-hand action started as the players approached the money bubble. So, WPT deducted two minutes from the ACtion Clock for every hand that the dealer dealt.

This is similar to most major tournament’s structures. Beauregard stated that they decided to try it after consulting WPT’s team and Matt Savage.

They want to transform the poker industry and by introducing new things like in the upcoming World Championship. Ben Ludlow applauded Wynn for using the clock before the money bubble on X terming it a fair and smooth process.


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