WSOP Pro Faces Federal Charges for Act Against NY State Gaming Commission

Once a poker player has earned major accolades, such as a WSOP gold bracelet win, they tend to be able to create somewhat of a career from the game. Whether its continuing to play at land-based casinos or a mix of online gaming, poker players can build a reputation as a professional and profit handsomely from the game. However, sometimes we hear of poker pros doing crazy things that land them in hot water. Brent Carter is one of those pros.

Carter is facing federal charges after he was accused of sending suspicious mail to the New York State Gaming Commission. Several pieces of mail were sent to the Commission by Carter that contained a white powdery substance.

Long Running Feud Between Carter and the State

Carter is 72-years of age and he has reportedly been involved in a long-running feud with the Commission. More of less a one-sided feud. Along with being a poker pro, Carter was a professional harness racer in his younger days. Way back in 1976, he was investigated by the Commission and later suspended due to suspected cheating.

He was eventually cleared and his licensed reinstated, but that was not enough for Carter. He seems to hold a grudge. Fast forward to 2018, and a little over a year after the mass shooting took place in Las Vegas from the Mandalay Bay, Carter left a voice mail for an employee of the Commission stating that the shooter in Vegas missed them and ‘as long as you’re not available, you should be made permanently not available.’

Over the past few years, Carter has become physical with his attacks. He has sent four pieces of mail to the Commission with white powder inside. Each time, the powder was found to be harmless. Carter was found out and admitted he sent the mail. He was warned not to do it again.

However, early this year, he did. This was it for the FBI and they decided to arrest Carter and took him in on federal crime charges.

Jail Time for the Poker Pro

Unfortunately for the poker pro, he is facing jail time. Up to five years in prison could be handed down to Carter if he is convicted. Even though there is evidence that he committed the crime and he said he sent the letters, Carter is still pleading not guilty to the charges he faces.

It’s sad to see the experienced poker pro fall from grace so quickly. While he has not had a win in a few years, he has been successful in the game for decades. He made it to his first WSOP final tables back in the early 1990s and then earned several finishes and a bracelet not long after. Overall, Carter was able to earn over $3 million from poker tournament gaming with 35 wins.

He may now have to try and pick up cards as a pastime in prison, if he ends up spending time in the clink for his crimes. It is expected that Carter will be arraigned and sentenced in the near future.

Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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