WSOP Set to Make Massive Changes Online is about to get a massive upgrade, and it’s going to come from the state of Michigan and the players in that state. According to reports, is getting ready to launch an update that will tie the players from Michigan in with the New Jersey and Nevada players. 

Rumors of this happening have been floating around for awhile now, but it appears that this change could be coming in less than two weeks. There was already a series schedule released, but some of that information has now been updated to reflect this change. 

Nevada and New Jersey already have a shared liquidity, and Michigan actually signed an agreement to join that group back in 2022. PokerStars combined players from Michigan and New Jersey last year, but for some reason WSOP was delayed. 

WSOP has made it clear that a server upgrade was needed in order to combine players from all three states, but now is the time to get that done. With the 2024 WSOP schedule set to begin in May, it looks like there will be just one bracelet series for all three states. 

Michigan a Massive Market

Michigan was actually the leader in online casino gambling in 2023, just edging out New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There are over 10 million residents in that state, and online poker continues to be more and more popular. 

Despite the popularity, players in Michigan were competing for much smaller prize pools in 2023 than what was available with the Nevada and New Jersey tournaments. If these three states are now added together, those prize pools are going to be even bigger in 2024. 

WSOP is expected to make an officially announcement on May 1st, and all signs point to upgraded servers being available at that time. There could be a slight disruption of service in all three states as will have to combine players from three states into one big pool.

Players from Michigan that have also used PokerStars won’t need a lesson on what this means as those players were already able to reap those benefits. There will obviously be more competition with players from three states, but bigger prize pools are more appealing. 

A Brand New Product

The 2024 WSOP schedule is not going to be changed with this new program, as those schedules were already the same in every state. WSOP was going to have to hand out bracelets in different states, but now players will be competing for just one single prize. 

Michigan players competed for just seven bracelets in 2023, while there were 20 of them handed out in New Jersey and Nevada. It’s unclear how many bracelets will be available with the new player pool, but that number could approach 25. 

This would appear to be a much bigger change for players from the state of Michigan, but it’s actually going to lead to improvements in the other two states. The current servers are not as flashy as what Michigan players have, but they will soon be on the same level.


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