Zachary Hambrice Wins $96,408 at The Lodge Card Club, Texas

Event No. 8 marked the end of the 41,650 Mystery Bounty $1,000,000 Guaranteed at The Lodge Poker Club. It took place in Round Rock, Texas, and lasted for 14 hours. The tournament had 659 players, and 85 entrants advanced to Day 2.

Yet, the three remaining players struck a deal early in the morning. They included Andrew Robinson, Christopher Adams, and Zachary Hambrice. They appeared happy in the evening while bringing in an ICM calculator.

Hambrice had the highest number of chips. He won the trophy and a $96,408 cash prize. Adams followed him closely and won $94,999 while Robinson received $83,288.

Brian Lee was among the leading players on the final day morning. But, he got in a tight position while there were only five players left to reclaim his lead. Cards were up, and chips were in when Adams, Kenneth Neyerlin, and Lee anticipated what would happen next.

Lee turned a nut-straight and tried to avoid a board pair while Adams held a set of dimes. Neyerlin drew dead with a two-pair and hoped Adams would scoop so that he could improve his current position.

Still, an unexpected six dropped in the river and gave Adams a boat. It made Lee leave the event in fifth place rather than winning a triple-up pot.

Final Table Results

  • Zachary Hambrice from San Antonio, Texas-$96,408
  • Christopher Adams from Thousand Oaks, California-$94,999
  • Andrew Robinson from Georgetown, Texas-$83,288
  • Kenneth Neyerlin from Arvada, Colorado-$45,975
  • Brian Lee from Lubbock, Texas-$34,401
  • Richard Chevalier from San Antonio, Texas-$25,720
  • Jason Aden from Sheridan, Oregon-$19,161
  • Matthew Cosentino from Austin, Texas-$14,275
  • Venkat Chivukula from Fulshear, Texas-$10,932

How the Final Day Unfolded

Day 1 flights had 659 entrants, and they created a pool that was slightly less than the event's guarantee. Yet, nobody complained as some players participated in an overlay. Bounties were in play on Day 2 as only 85 entrants remained.

Thierry Quintin won a $100,000 bounty before the evening's first break.

The field fell rapidly to three final tables with Neyerlin leading. Yet, several consecutive eliminations reduced it to 12 players as Neyerlin maintained his lead after he eliminated Sande Slutsky using a boat.

Jason Gooch and Benjamin Perez were the next players to leave the event, thus leaving ten players. The final table's stage was set by Hambrice and Jamey Hendrickson's big hand. The latter was the only finalist who played solid poker, but a single hand sent him packing.

Hendrickson used a pair of queens to kick off the final table's action, as Hambrice called. The jack-high flop turned a nine as the table was set. Venkat Chivukula lost to Richard Chevalier, who held a dead man's hand.

The latter had a flush that ended Chivukula's night. Matthew Cosentino was the next player to leave the event after his ace-queen lost to Neyerlin's cowboys. He finished eight, and Adams dropped Jason Aden.

Lee picked a bounty as Chevalier made an ace-queen push, and Lee used a huge slick to call. The next hit zero took more than an hour as Lee later got the nuts after shoving a turn card. Adams dropped Lee and Neyerlin when he bunked a six to a board pair.


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