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10 Card Regrets Poker Strategy

The game 10 card regrets is another variation to a hi/lo game. This game follows along like a stud game would, so fans of those games will surely enjoy this one.

As the name has regrets in it, you will see why when you start to play. This game not only revolves around making a good hand but also relies on the choices you make.

Quick Tips for 10 Card Regrets Poker Strategy

When playing this game, it would help if you could have some tips beforehand. This way, your experience will be much better, and it could save you from making simple mistakes.

The game has straightforward rules. The best quick tips to have would be knowing the rules, watching the table, and keeping an eye on your bankroll.

Know The Rules

This game is another variation of a split pot game. There can only be a maximum of five players, as each of them will be making two five-card hands: a low hand on the left and a high hand on the right.

Once all the players have placed their starting ante, two cards are dealt to each player. This is when they will decide where the cards will begin the cycle.

Players will choose whether to place these cards both in their left hand, their right hand, or one to go to each. When everyone is ready, they will all turn their cards face up, and there is a round of betting.

Two more cards are then dealt to each player, assigned to either the left, right, or both hands and turned face up. This is when the second round of betting takes place.

This process will continue until everyone has two five-card hands. Keep in mind now that once these cards are dealt to left or right, they can never be moved. Also, each hand has to have exactly five cards each, so no hand can have more or less than that.

The pot will be split after the showdown. It will be between the lowest of the left-hand cards and the highest of the right-hand cards. It is also worth mentioning that a left hand cannot win high, and a right hand cannot win low. Each hand is specific to the pot they are after.

Watching The Table

Since everyone’s cards are being dealt face up, you have the opportunity to see how strong each player has the chance to win either of the hands. This also means that your cards are showing too, so there really is no reason to bluff or lump along here.

If you are a good card counter, you can keep up with the cards that have not been dealt yet. This especially comes in handy once people fold their hands, and there are still cards left in the deck. You can use this advantage if you are waiting on a card to come.

Keeping An Eye On Your Bankroll

There are going to be a handful of rounds when playing this game. So be ready to be wager multiple times and have the right amount of money available. This game will be a good test for someone that wants to try out a way to manage their money when playing.

However, there is one advantage to help you preserve some of your money while playing. Since this game is a pot limit, there will be somewhat of a cap to the bets. The pot is going to be split unless one player happens to have both a low hand and a high hand.