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4 Up, 4 Down (Respect the 4’s)

This variation of a stud game is one that has been around for quite some time. Also known as Respect the 4’s, the game is an eight card stud hand game that revolves around the importance of the four cards.

If you enjoy stud games, this one falls right in line with other variations of a stud. However, this game does appear to be more flexible than others that are more cutthroat.

Quick Tips For 4 Up, 4 Down

When playing four up, four down, you are going to want to have a strategy and some luck on your side. The rules are not that difficult to follow, but the four-card can become quite annoying.

Some of these tips are self-explanatory, but you always want to practice these tips to become a better player. Quick tips for this game are learning the rules, making the best hand, bluffing, and knowing your bankroll.

Learning the Rules

The game starts out with players putting in their ante for the game. Then, the dealer will send out four cards face down to everyone. You may look at your cards, and if you have a four-card that was dealt face down, it is a wild card.

Now, players will bet again if they choose before the next card is dealt with. The dealer will then deal out a card face up to everyone. A betting round will take place. At this point, if the dealer sends out a four face up to a player, that player is now out of the game.

This cycle is repeated until each player left in the game has eight cards total. After that, a final betting round will take place. Once players have bet for the last time, a showdown will take place, and the highest five-card hand made with the eight cards wins.

Making The Best Hand

If you are able to make it through the entirety of the game, then that is your first goal. You do not really have much control over what is dealt with you but you need to realize when to fold your own hand if there is nothing to go by.

With 8 cards, it is easy to assume that you can make a great hand. However, with the 4 faces down dealt with you, and then another two show up on the table, you need to have your hand figured out by this point.

If not, you should most likely fold unless multiple players have been knocked out or folded themselves. Hands to look for are straights and three of a kind for moderate hand strength.


This game could have used for some bluffing if played correctly. It is not recommended that you try to entice your opponents fairly early, but you need to know how the table is operating.

Bluffing your hand can be beneficial if you have a great hand, and you want others to bet more money. However, keep in mind that if you get knocked outwit a 4, then it was all for nothing.

Knowing Your Bankroll

This game offers a lot of opportunities to place several bets. With this in mind, the pot could become large rather quickly. If players are getting knocked out, then the pot also has the potential to be lower on some hands.

Keeping an eye out or following a strict budget is a great idea for players that want to maximize the most out of their bankroll. This way, you can get a feel for how much to bet each hand or see how long your noise will last you in a game that could potentially drain you.