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Aces, Straights and Flushes Poker Strategy

Poker fans will be delighted to hear of a variation that includes the basics to seven card stud with a slight difference. There are many games out there that can complement seven card stud, but fans of the game have enjoyed this one especially.

Aces, Straights and Flushes Quick Tips

This game follows along like you would in a typical seven card stud game. Some tips before playing, or to add to your game, can ultimately make your experience better and make the game more enjoyable.

Playing this game is fairly straightforward and with a few rules to follow. Some quick tips for Aces, Straights and Flushes would be knowing the rules, best hands to play, deciding on the bluff, and managing your money.

Knowing The Rules

The game starts with a joker being placed in the middle, and everyone is dealt two cards face down and one card face up. A betting round will follow after the cards are dealt.

The joker is everyone’s wild card. However, it does not function as just any wild. It can help compliment your hand in three forms, as the name suggests, an Ace, straight, or flush.

Everyone will eventually be dealt a total of six cards, with the seventh card being the joker. Each round of betting will resume after each card is dealt, and then one final betting round before the showdown.

Best Hands To Play

This game follows the same list of poker hand rankings. Just like the name, you would want to have an Ace or try to get a straight or flush with the help of the joker.

Hands that consist of either three of a kind or even a full house are decent middle of the road hands. This is also good because there are no other wilds. However, that joker wild card can help make a really good hand, but you have to risk chasing it through each round.

Since everyone has the joker at their disposal, everyone’s hands could potentially be great. You will have to keep that in mind when players are betting and as each round of cards is being dealt.

Deciding On The Bluff

You could have the potential to bluff your hand in this game. If bluffing is part of your style, you might be in luck. The opportunity will present itself, so it would be a good idea to practice your bluffing just in case.

Since your two hole cards are hidden, you can use this to part of your advantage. You, along with the table, will have three cards showing. So you can try to predict what the other players have that are still in the game.

If the other players start coming after the second and third cards dealt, you have an advantage if your hand is not as strong as it could be. Obviously, you do not want to go into the showdown with just a high card.

Managing Your Money

Since this game has multiple rounds of cards being dealt, that also means multiple rounds of betting. In other words, be prepared to bet a handful, especially if other players want to bet high amounts.

If the table agrees upon a pot limit before the game starts, this could help your bankroll. If not, you will need to make sure you understand how much money you are going to bet and what your limits are going to be.

Managing your money when playing is going to help you in the long run anyway. This is a good form of practice to play this game.