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Baby’s Daddy Poker Strategy

Seven-card stud fans have another interesting variation on their hands with Baby’s Daddy. The game has the potential to be a great hit, since it follows along like the original but has a slight twist.

Baby’s Daddy features a few wild cards and a chance to split the pot if you have a certain card. Below you will find all the information for a great poker strategy.

Quick Tips for Baby’s Daddy Poker Strategy

When playing this game, it would be best if you can have a strategy ready to go once you start playing. Having a strategy is key to long term success and winning you more money.

This also helps with any bumps along the way so you can play at your best. Some quick tips would know the rules, keeping your hand, and managing your bankroll.

The Rules

If you are familiar with seven-card stud, then this game will be easy for you to catch on. If not, do not worry as the rules are simple.

Everyone first will put an ante in the pot or middle of the table. Then, everyone will be dealt two cards face down. Another betting round will occur here.

Next, everyone will be dealt a third card face up. The very first one that is flipped over is very important. Whatever the suit is, means the King of that suit is now the “Daddy” and stays that way for the rest of the current game.

So if the player gets a 6 of hearts flipped over, the King of Hearts is the wild card for the remainder of the game. The “baby” is the 2 of hearts and is wild.

The queen of hearts is the “Mommy” and is not wild. However, this card is a jackpot. If you have the “mommy” card, you automatically get half of the pot regardless if you can win or not.

The game will continue until everyone has seven cards, with the final one face down. A betting round is optional just before the showdown, and then the final play will occur.

Keeping Your Hand

As mentioned above, the mommy card has some impressive strength to the pot. Although the card is not wild, think of it as winning the lottery but at the table.

If you are dealt with the queen of the suit that is matching the daddy card, you most likely want to stay in the game. This presents an interesting opportunity for you, and the table will need to decide to keep adding money with each bet or not.

If you are showing the queen on the face-up cards, then there is nothing you can do to somewhat bluff your way into more money. However, if the queen is one of your faces down cards, you have a great opportunity to bluff your opponents by adding more money to the pot.

Regardless if you can win the pot or not, you should try to keep the hand going. If you fold at all with that queen, you no longer have access to half of the pot, and you basically forfeit your share.

Bankroll Management

If you happen to be on the other side of the bets, where someone has the mommy queen card, and they are trying to bluff you into more bets, your bankroll could suffer. This is why it is important to watch your money.

This game has the potential to be rewarding very quickly if you happen to get the mommy queen card. However, you should not hope to get it and keep blowing your money away blindly. Make sure you stick to a budget or steady bets.