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Badugi Poker

When playing Badugi Poker, it helps to have a common knowledge of other games, but it is not completely necessary. The rules of the game are different, so your knowledge of Texas Hold ’em, for example, will not be very useful here. However, if you can follow a strategy for that, then you can easily have one for Badugi.

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Five Popular Quick Tips For Badugi Poker

Badugi has the potential for a fun and quick poker game. Your goal is to create the lowest possible hand for all of the different suits. Aces are low in Badugi, and suited cards or paired cards do not count towards your hand. Instead, those hurt you.

Five quick tips for Badugi are:

  1. Know the rules
  2. Pre-draw, Draw, and Post-Draw
  3. Understanding bet amounts
  4. Keep an eye on your bankroll
  5. Know your limits

Know The Rules

If you are new to Badugi, you might have a slight learning curve. Although it is not too far off of typical draw games, there are a few differences.

The main difference you need to focus on is that this draw game is made with four cards in your hand versus the normal five. There are also three rounds of drawing, so there are plenty of opportunities to bet and make hands.

This game is also a low ball variation, meaning you want the lowest hand possible to win. Remember, Aces are the lowest, then twos, etc. You also need to remember that each card has to be a different suit, for you to have a four-card Badugi.

Pre-Draw, Draw, and Post-Draw

There are a total of four betting rounds, with three of those being drawing rounds. Each player is dealt four cards face down, and this is where you place your first bet.

Then, players can select cards they want to discard or keep. Keeping them is often referred to as “stand pat.” This continues on until the betting and rounds complete.

To have a good betting strategy, you would follow a similar approach as you would with other betting games. You are building your hand, but at the same time, you could bluff your way through it. Only bluff when deemed necessary, not the entire time.

Understanding Bet Amounts

It is important to keep an eye on your betting amounts. Since this game is a draw variation, you will have plenty of betting chances to make sizable bets or to keep it steady.

I would recommend you attempt to remember the cards you have discarded. This way, you can have a good idea of what cards are left and what your opponents may have.

Keep An Eye On Your Bankroll

As with the four betting rounds, you need to make sure you have the money to even begin to play. Almost all poker games have a buy-in or a limit amount.

This game can quickly shift in a positive or negative hand, so keeping a watch on your money is a good idea. This ties in perfectly with the strategy of keeping steady bets, versus betting heavy in the first place.

Know Your Limits

Finally, and maybe the most important, you need to understand if you have a problem gambling. In addition to the bankroll management and betting style, you should have a good idea if this game is for you.

If you think that you have a gambling problem, there needs to be action, and you should step away. Following the steps outlined above will put you in the right direction and mindset to being a conservative poker player.