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Big Al’s Guillotine Poker Strategy

Looking into this game, Big Al’s Guillotine offers fast-paced action with some important features at hand. Fans of wildcard and draw games can appreciate this one too.

This variation will tempt you to want to play, but beware, your friends that you are playing with will envy you when you win the pot. Check out the strategy to see why.

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Big Al’s Guillotine Poker Strategy Tips

When playing Big Al’s Guillotine, it would be best to get your hands on some tips before starting. Lucky for you, this guide has you covered.

Some would be common, but others are necessary. Tips for this game are knowing the rules, what hands to look for, bluffing, and money management.

The Rules

Big Al’s Guillotine has very simple and easy to understand rules. However, if you happen to forget one, you will be in trouble.

First, everyone is dealt 2 cards that they can look at. By default, every game, all 2’s, 4’s, and 10’s are wild. Everyone has the option at that moment to either stay or fold those 2 cards.

For those that stayed in, you have now entered the guillotine stage. This means that from this moment on, if you lose, you must double the pot. So if you fold, you double the pot too but not including the bet you just folded on.

Everyone that stays in will be dealt a total of 5 cards. There is an option to bet in between each card dealing or just deal out the next series of cards. This must be discussed before the handing out of cards for the table.

Once in the showdown, players reveal their best 5 card hand possible. As mentioned, the loser(s) all have to double the pot.

Hands to Look for

This is using a standard deck, so there are 52 cards possible for this game. Since all of the 2’s, 4’s, and 10’s are wild, 12 out of 52 cards will be whatever anyone needs them to be.

Since there are so many wild cards, the options are seemingly endless when it comes to the strength of a player’s hand. Most likely, you will see 4 of a kind a lot and needed at a minimum to enter the showdown.


One quick note on bluffing in this game, you have the option of course, but it is highly not recommended. This is because of the high stakes involved once you take that third card.

It would be in your best interest to look at your first 2 cards to see what you are playing with. If you have 2 wilds, then great. If not, you most likely want to fold or tough it out.

The only time when bluffing might be manageable is when you are nearly last in the rotation, and a lot of players have folded their hands when dealt their first 2 cards. At this point, it would likely be between you and the dealer, or whoever is in. This way, you are playing against one person instead of multiple people.

Bankroll Management

This game is no joke when it comes to double matching the pot. The amount of money won can become a ridiculous amount very quickly.

This game would be best if you discussed a betting limit per hand with your table beforehand or something that is manageable. But if the table wants to start doubling $100 hands, more power to them.

This game needs your attention when it comes to your bankroll. Ensure you have the proper amount and know when to quit if the betting rounds are becoming fairly expensive.