Blind Stealing in Poker

Blind Stealing can be a very profitable technique for online poker and is worth mastering. With it, you will be able to claim a lot of money other unaware poker players are leaving on the table. A blind steal is a situation where a player bluffs his way through to win the blinds (small and big) uncontested. This is achieved when everyone folds after you raise, thinking you have a good hand. All ‘dead’ money will accrue to you without even seeing the flop, regardless of what cards you hold.

Factors to Consider when Blind Stealing

Your Position

You need to consider this before you attempt a blind steal. Attempting to steal from an early or middle position will pose a lot of challenges, as you’d require the whole table to fold for your raise to be a success. Positions like the hijack seat, the button, and the cutoff are ideal for attempting blind steals. There is a greater likelihood of winning as you will need fewer players to fold. However, stay aware as experienced players might treat your open raise with suspicion as it might be expected from players in such positions.

Players in the Blinds

From the very first round, you should keep an eye out for players that play a lot of hands and those that fold often. The less active players should be targeted with your blind steals when the small and big blinds reach them. Always be attentive to players’ responses to opening raises as this will help when you are blind stealing.

Your Image

You should be cautious about what image you portray to other players. If you have been folding all through the game, an open raise will be perceived as a strong hand. Also, if you have been very active, opponents may be unwilling to fold to another open raise. Carefully balance your strategy to avoid suspicion from other players.


Target Tournaments

You have a better chance at blind stealing during tournaments. Blind stealing presents an amazing opportunity for you to gather chips as you cannot continually wait for a good hand. Again, apply this strategy at the right time because it will be less beneficial if you attempt to blind steal at the start where blinds are very low in relation to your stack size.

When to Change Open Raise Size

Changing or not changing your open raise size is something that will help in your blind stealing. When playing against opponents that do not have the slightest clue as to what is happening, you can change your bet size frequently based on the cards you are holding. However, with experienced poker players, you should rarely change your open raise size because it is likely they will get used to your normal min-raise. Always read the table and know the type of players you are up against before increasing your open raise size.

Blind stealing is an excellent way to increase your win rate but this should not be confused or mistaken as bluffing. You, however, need to be fully aware of who you are stealing from and how they will most likely react to your move. When in doubt, do not attempt to steal with trash hands. Give yourself a better chance by having a decent hand and do not get scared of abusing players who cannot defend their blinds properly.