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Blue Beacon Poker Strategy

Five card draw fans will appreciate the gameplay of Blue Beacon. The game is a nice variation from the traditional draw game but, of course, has its own twists and turns.

The strategy for playing this game will not differ too much from a five card draw. However, one should keep an open mind that each game will have its own technique in perfecting the game.

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Blue Beacon Poker Strategy Tips

Getting a strategy for Blue Beacon will be a breeze if you are already familiar with five card draw. If you have not played that, do not worry because it is still easy to follow along.

Some quick tips to making this game turn in your favor are knowing the rules, making the best hand, using the bluff, and bankroll.

Understanding The Rules

To put this game in simple terms, it is like five card draw with four community cards and a total of six rounds of betting.

First, the dealer hands out five cards to each player. After that, there is the first round of betting. Then the first community card will be dealt out, face up.

Next, there is a second round of betting. Following that is the second community card face up and then followed by a third round of betting.

After the third round of betting, players can discard their unwanted cards and have new cards dealt from the deck, just like in draw poker.

Once the swapping out of cards is complete, there is a fourth round of betting. Next up will be your third community card, followed by the fifth round of betting.

After that round of betting, the last community card will be dealt. Finally, the last round of betting and onto the showdown.

In the showdown, players will have to make the best five-card hand out of a total of nine cards. There are no wilds, but as you can see, it has the potential to find a great hand with all of the cards available.

Making The Best Hand

Since this game has a lot of momentum in cards being dealt out, the chances of finding a good hand are very good. However, if multiple people are playing their hands have the potential to be great as well.

You want to be in somewhat of a sweet spot when it comes to hand strength. Three of a kind is a solid hand here, especially since there are no wilds to alter the odds. However, pots often can be won with flushes and full houses here.

Advantage of Bluffing

Bluffing is a great tool to have when you are out of options sometimes and if you are trying to get your opponents to play their hand when you have a great one. You do not necessarily have to bluff, but it could be a saving grace in some situations.

If the table tends to be folding after a few rounds of betting, chances are you could bluff along on your strength until you get something good. However, this needs to be used with caution since you have several more rounds of betting to go.


As with any poker game of choice, your bankroll is the most important part of winning. Running out of money leads to no more playing. This, of course, leads to no more fun.

This game has a lot of betting options going on, and each round needs some attention to detail. As such, you want to make sure you keep a level head and make smart bets to preserve your money over the long haul.