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Courchevel Poker Strategy

Fans who are looking for a change in the way they play Omaha might be in for a great surprise. Enter Courchevel, a variation to the popular Omaha game. This game has roots back in France and other parts of Europe.

Courchevel has similar options and gameplay, just like Omaha. However, players will notice a slight change that could be beneficial to some players. These changes are almost not noticeable, but they provide a change of pace compared to regular Omaha.

Quick Tips For Courchevel Poker

When playing Courchevel or any poker game, it is best to come into the game with a strategy. Without a strategy, you are simply fresh meat to sharks and are at the mercy of the cards.

With that being said, let us look at the most common tips for practicing your Courchevel strategy. These include getting a feel for the game, looking for the best hands to play, and watching your bankroll.

Knowing The Rules

Courchevel plays along very similarly to how Omaha does. If you are not familiar with Omaha, do not worry, we have you covered.

Players will ante in a set amount to start the game. Five cards will be dealt face down to each player, and then one card will be dealt face up in the middle of the table to start the community card section.

The first betting round will take place now. Following that, one card off the deck is burned, and then two cards are flipped face up to the middle of the table. Now there are three community cards.

Next ensues a betting round. Another card is burned, the next one flipped face-up, then a betting round, and finally, the 5th card is with the same process to be flipped face-up in the middle.

This leads us to the final betting round. Players that have stayed will enter the showdown. This next part is very important.

Players in the showdown must use only 2 out of their five hole cards in addition to 3 out of the five community cards. This makes for a step ahead kind of thinking while playing this game.

Best Hands To Play

This game follows the same card hand ranking system, with royal flush being the best and a regular high card being the lowest rank hand. With the inclusion of the number of cards in your hand plus the community cards, you will have some possibilities to think about.

If all 10 of these cards were all included in making your hand, that would be one thing. However, with the limited cards from your hand and the community cards, coming across a straight would be excellent in this situation.

If you can pair up a three of a kind or even a flush, you are well on your way to making a good case for the pot. Keep in mind the probability of these hands and make adjustments to your game.

Watch Your Bankroll

Games like Omaha often have pot limits, so players cannot take advantage of having huge amounts or someone jacking up the bets. With this game, it is subject to whatever the table is playing.

Either way, you look at it, you will be betting a handful of times if you decide to stay in the game through its entirety. This could be hard on your bankroll if you did not plan for this.

You need to set up a budget or something along those lines to stay in check. You do not want to be running out of money after the third game because you failed to calculate the bets.