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Crazy 4 of Spades Strategy

With another popular variation of five card draw, fans of using wild cards are in for a surprise. This game features the same rules as regular five card draw except having the four of spades as a wild card.

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Top Tips For Crazy 4 Of Spades Strategy

This variation of five card draw has some key differences than the original. Fans of the original will find it easy to follow along and to make a strategy. The top tips are as follows:

  • Know the rules
  • Avoiding the bluff
  • Understand your odds
  • Watch your chips

Know The Rules

As mentioned above, this game is a variation of a five card draw. You can trade in three cards to receive three from the deck or trade in four cards, but you have to show an ace to do so. The change, however, is in the four of spades being a wild card.

To further complicate things, if you have other fours in your hand and the four of spades, those are all now wilds. If you have any suit of fours that are not the four of spades, those are just regular fours.

The betting style is also different. You must win two consecutive hands in a row to win the pot.

Formal betting is conducted as you would in a regular five card draw. If you win a hand, you are given a dealer chip or mark. Then if someone else wins, they are given the mark or chip that you had, and they have to win a second hand in a row to win the pot.

Avoiding The Bluff

When necessary, you can still bluff your hands as you see fit. The reasons behind staying true to what you have versus bluffing is quite simple for this game.

Since you have to win two hands in a row to claim the pot, you have to make sure your hands are next to impossible to beat. Everyone at some point is going to have that four of spades, and even worse for you, they will have more than one four in their hand to compliment.

Simply put, it is best to wait it out if you see at least two players fighting over a hand towards the end. Unless you have a rock-solid hand, avoid bluffing, and let the cards find their way to you.

Understand Your Odds

In addition to the four of spades wild card and potentially having all four wild cards in your hand, your odds are now better than average. This also means your opponents’ hands are naturally better too.

You will land pairs, three of a kind, and four of a kind more often than you would have in a typical five card draw. You pretty much have an increase in better overall hands than before, not just limited to the ease of getting pairs or something else.

Watch Your Chips

Since you have to win two consecutive hands to secure the pot, the overall pot value is going to get to the point where it is very attractive. You need to keep an eye on your money and how to approach your bets.

Some variations to this game might have different levels of betting or whatever way the dealer has this structured, so some games have limits or lower entry levels to make it a little easier on your wallet when betting a lot of rounds.

You need to make sure you keep a steady flow of bets and not try to win it all in one hand. If you find yourself losing too many times and starting to run out of money, it is simply best to walk away and call it quits.