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Crazy Pineapple Strategy

Crazy Pineapple is a variation of Texas Hold ’em and another game simply called Pineapple. The game has a slight difference in play compared to regular Texas Hold ’em. Crazy Pineapple is starting to make its way around the poker scene but is commonly found in players’ homes.

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Five Quick Tips For Crazy Pineapple

If you are used to poker rules and how Texas Hold ’em is played, you should be able to follow along. The game is still easy to understand and is a great game for players not used to poker rules.

Five quick tips are:

  • Know the rules
  • Ranking your hands
  • Practice first
  • Choosing to bluff
  • Bankroll check

Know The Rules

To start the game, you are dealt three hole cards versus two that you get in Texas hold ’em. However, you will not be able to use all three cards since you have to discard one of them.

This puts you potentially a step ahead since you can somewhat make your hand better for one turn. If dealt three of the same suit, your odds are now less to get a flush because you have to throw one of them out.

Ranking Your Hands

Since everyone will have three cards at first and then one discarded, hands are going to have different values than in regular hold ’em. Be aware that a typical pair of fives may not be as strong as they used to be, or the chances of hitting three of a kind are now lowered.

You should be cautious with pairs and two pairs, especially if you see a potential straight or flush draw on the table. Remember, you will have no idea what your opponents will throw away, but you can take into account that your odds are subject to needing better hands to win the pot.

Practice First

If you want to test out your strategy and at the same time save some money, you should try to find a free version of the game online. Practice your skills when you have the chance so that you are better prepared for when you start to bet money.

With this in mind, if you can find one that allows you to play against real people, then you can try your luck against them. This will also give you a more realistic feel to the game of how people bet or bluff.

Choosing To Bluff

Not everyone is a good poker bluffer. Some games are going to require that you become a good liar to win more hands by psyching out your opponents.

With Crazy Pineapple, there are going to be a lot of situations in which you should not bluff. Since the hands are going to be a little easier to make, you should really consider the pros and cons to bluffing along versus folding if you have a bad hand.

Bankroll Check

In Crazy Pineapple, or any other poker game, it is wise that you understand how your money situation will be before and after you play poker. If you are on edge about losing money in the first place, maybe make a budget of how much you are going to play with or lose.

This is why you should definitely find a free game to play online. Again, you will be able to practice as if you were at the casino and betting real money.

One example you could try is to set aside a set amount of money, and when you play online and bet, you will “throw” your money into the pot. This way, you will get the feel of moving money around and seeing a real figure in front of you versus a computer screen.