El Dorado Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em fans that are looking for a different taste in the game can stop their search with this variation. El Dorado Hold ’em is a great spin on the classic Texas version. Playing this game is very close to the original, so you really do not have to spend a lot of time learning anything new.

Quick Tips For El Dorado Hold ’em.

This game has a handful of ways to have fun but to also win most of your bets. Having the right strategy can make a world of difference.

Some tips before playing this game are definitely going to help you out, especially since you can take these and practice your strategy. The best tips for this game include learning how to play, best hands to make, and watching your bankroll.

Learning The Rules

As mentioned, this game flows like Texas Hold ’em. Players will ante into the pot, and the dealer will hand out two cards face down to everyone. Players will then decide to bet again if they wish.

The deal will now burn a card and then place three cards face up in the middle of the table. Beginning with the player on the dealer’s left, each person will have the option of exchanging one card from their hand with any card from the flop.

However, once a player places their card in the flop, it now becomes wild, along with all of the other cards of that rank. If another player exchanges out a card, then it is the new wild card, and the previous one is back to its face value.

This cycle continues until all players, including the dealer, have been able to have an opportunity to swap out a card. Another betting round will follow.

Finally, an additional card is burned, and the last card is turned up with the flop. So now, there are four community cards and two cards in each player’s hand.

Keep in mind which one of those community cards was wild. If no one at all exchanged any of the original flip cards, then none of them are wild, and they are face value.

It is possible to have one card of the same rank exchanged out for another. For example, a player exchanging a 5 of hearts for a 5 of spades. 5’s will still be wild until someone else exchanges one of the community cards again.

Best Hands To Make

This game follows along with the card ranking system. So the same rules still apply when it comes to the strength of a player’s hand.

With the addition of the wild card it makes things very interesting. You also have one less card on the community cards as compared to Texas Hold ’em, but of course, no wilds in that game.

Be on the lookout for completing straights or flushes. These hands will be gold mines if you are able to complete them with the wild.

Eyes On Bankroll

This game has small blinds and big blinds. So each hand will not be ridiculously high when it comes to betting, but the option is still there.

Keep a steady pace with your bets. If you have a good hand, as mentioned above for bat hands to have, then it is okay to bet a little heavier to show confidence in your hand strength.

If another player is trying to go all in, make sure you have the hand to beat it and the money ready to compensate for the loss. This game will not drain your account as long as you play it smart.