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Fives Betting Strategy

Popular variations of poker games are seemingly popping up every day. Each gambler has found unique ways to play some of today’s best hit games and turn them into even more challenging card games. Fives is another example of a classic with a sharp twist, especially if you are not paying attention.

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Top Tips For Fives Betting

As with any poker game, you need to have a plan thought out to be able to succeed. Simple things to do to prepare yourself would be to know the rules and basic card game etiquette.

However, there is a little more to this. The top tips for fives betting are:

  • Know the rules
  • Betting system
  • Know the odds
  • Limp or not
  • Chip count

Know The Rules

If you are familiar with a traditional five-card draw game, then you are in luck. This game takes the very simple five-card draw and uses that same format. However, there is a catch.

This game is different in the sense that you must have a five in your hand when trying to win a showdown. So, for example, let us look at these hands:

  • 3-3-6-7-9
  • 5-2-2-8-K

If the best hand does not contain a 5, then all players who did not fold have to ante up and play again. As you can see, the “winning” hand had a pair of threes but was unable to win the pot because they did not have a 5. The cards are then dealt again for another round.

Betting System

This game has a slight difference in how to bet. You do not bet on your hands but rather pay for the cards you want.

So if the initial ante is one dollar, you have to pay a dollar for each card you want to draw. If you discard four cards, that would be four dollars to the pot.

This makes it even more difficult to read other players, but it makes it more meaningful to create the best hand possible so you can win the pot. As such, you should probably not bluff with this one since you would be losing money each time trying to make your hand better.

Know The Odds

The odds are still in line with how a regular five-card draw game. The difference here is that you need to have a five in your hand, along with a decent supporting hand, at the showdown.

So, there are only four fives in the deck, which makes it even rarer for someone to win the pot on the first try. Roughly seven percent of hands each game will have at least one five in them.

To Limp or Not

Since the odds are that you will have a limited shot at a five, it is important to stay in the game. If you fold at all, and no one wins the pot, then everyone that is still “live” will be dealt cards again, and the game resumes until someone wins the pot.

The odds will change dramatically if multiple people fold. So, you could limp your way through the hands until you are able to make a great hand with a five in it.

Ultimately, this is a good thing to do because if we use the example above in the article, you are essentially “stopping” the other player from winning the pot because your hand was better than theirs even though you do not have a five to claim the pot.

Chip Count

To keep a very close eye on your chip count is a bit of an understatement for this game. You can easily spend $15 per hand very quickly if you are chasing your hands over and over.

It is important you set a budget and a limit to what you are willing to lose. The pay-in to this game can make or break your gambling fun.