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Freak of Nature Poker Strategy

Freak of Nature is an excellent example of a five-card draw variation. When playing, you will notice similar rules and a twist of fate at the end.

The game is at its best with roughly five players. It also plays out similarly to a five-card draw. So fans of the original can appreciate this version of the game.

Quick Tips for Freak of Nature

When looking at playing this game for the first time, it would be best if you knew some tips before heading into the game. These are very straightforward but necessary for your poker strategy.

Keeping a level head is very important for any gambling. You never want to let your emotions get the best of you when making a financial decision based on odds.

The following quick tips should be helpful with your gameplay. The tips would be to understand the rules, what cards to keep and watch your bankroll

Understand The Rules

This game follows along just as you would as if you were playing a five-card draw. So, everyone that wants to be a part of the game has to place an ante, and then everyone is dealt five cards. A betting round takes place once players look at their hands. When looking at your hand, you can decide to keep all five or choose up to 3 cards to discard.

If you have an Ace, you can discard four cards. After discarding and getting new ones, everyone then bets. At this point, you would have already tried to make the best hand possible with your five cards.

6’s are wild in this game, but there is a catch. If players make it to the showdown and no one has a 6, then 5’s become wild. Suppose no one has a 5, then 4’s, and so on. To find out who has what, you would simply ask, “does anyone have a 6” without trying to look completely at their hand.

Once players are done with the final betting round, then the showdown begins. Players will figure out the wild cards, and then the best five-card hand wins the pot.

Cards To Keep

For this game, the poker hand rankings still apply. So a high card hand is the lowest possible hand you can have, and a royal flush is the best hand.

If you can manage to get at least three of a kind or 2 pairs, that would be ideal hands to hold their value. Obviously, if you manage to get a straight or a flush, then your bets would become different.

Other cards to keep in mind would be the 6’s. You do not want to throw these cards away under any circumstances. However, you do not need to hold onto a five just because it might turn into a wild.

Bluffing your hand could become useful here. If you see that multiple people have folded after the first round of cards being dealt, this could be a good time to bluff your way into the pot.

Watching Your Bankroll

Playing a Freak of Nature has the potential to have moderate-sized pots. This means that people might bet heavily within these games, especially if there are wild cards.

With this in mind, you need to keep a level head when placing your bets. You do not want to overbet your hand, and you do not want to bet too little either.

You definitely do not need to bet if you cannot keep a grasp on how much money you have lost. You should keep track and set a budget for your bankroll or whatever you have to do to keep your money in place.