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Iron Cross Poker Strategy

This game is a variation of five-card draw that is easy to follow, and anyone can learn. Sometimes referred to as Criss Cross or Church, the game allows up to nine players at one time and definitely is at its best when multiple people are playing.

Iron Cross Poker Strategy Tips

When putting together an Iron Cross Poker strategy, reading up on some tips will greatly benefit you in the long run. Some of these might appear simple, but players still make common mistakes when playing these types of games.

Some tips to look into would be knowing the rules, what hands to look for, using a bluff, and managing your bankroll. These all are generally common but very important in successful gameplay.

Knowing The Rules

To start the game off, each player will be dealt five cards face down. Each player is allowed to look at their hand. Then, five more cards will be dealt to the middle of the table face down in a cross-type layout.

A betting round will first appear once everyone has their cards. Once the betting round ends, one card will be flipped over from the middle cross layout. Another betting round begins, and this repeats until every card in the middle has been flipped over.

Once the showdown is reached, each player can use the five cards in their hand and a combination of the cards in the cross. The twist here is how they use the cross.

A player can only use cards from the horizontal or the vertical line. So, for example, the middle card will be one that can be used in either scenario, whereas the other cards are subject to their place in the cross layout.

By using the combined cards to make your hand, the best five-card hand wins the pot. These are the basics of this game, so if the table has any suggestions beforehand on the rules or other variations, they would need to do so before playing this original version.

Hands To Look For

This game will use the traditional hand ranking system for poker games. This means that the high card is the lowest-ranked hand, and the royal flush is still the best hand.

Since there is the use of the cross in the middle, players have more options of cards available to them. However, as noted, you must use only one line with choosing the horizontal or vertical line of cards in the cross.

If you could get a hand that is somewhat in the middle of the hand ranking system, this would be ideal. This would lead to a three of a kind or even a flush to make your hands stronger.

Bluffing Your Hand

Since there are going to be multiple rounds where players are contemplating their hands, you do have the option to bluff your way into the pot. This is somewhat risky, but it is possible.

This method would ultimately be at your discretion. To be successful at bluffing, you would need to get a reading on the table and how everyone is placing their bets.

Looking At Your Bankroll

This game will use a standard pot where everyone bets as they please each round. With that being said, this could lead to some potentially larger pots as there are multiple betting rounds.

The key here is to look for the signs of good hands and keep an eye on your money. Do not let yourself bet too heavy on hands that do not matter or, in general, if you are newer to poker games.