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Kryky Strategy

Kryky is another variation of a five-card draw game but with the use of seven cards. The game is fun and easy to follow, especially if you are already familiar with drawing games. This game can only be played up to seven players, as you see below, due to the number of cards needed.

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Top Tips For Kryky Betting

Kryky is a very straightforward draw style game. To develop a strategy, you still need some guidance, but ultimately, the game will be easy to make a strategy for. The top tips are:

  • How to play
  • Best hands
  • Bluffing

How To Play

Players begin with an ante and are dealt five cards each of two face up and three face down. Three cards are then dealt face down to the table.

The first two are dealt in the middle of the table and will become the community cards. The third card will be placed off to the side still face down, and that will be the wild card at the end.

This begins a round of betting after the deal, which starts with the player who has two face-up cards that make the best hand. The first community card in the middle is turned over.

There will be a second round of betting, which starts with the best three-card hand with the use of the community card. Each player will now have the option to exchange zero, one, or two of their hand cards to be dealt replacements.

When a player’s face-up cards are exchanged, then the replacements are dealt face up. If replacements are needed for down cards, then they are dealt face down.

The third round of betting begins with the best three-card hand.

The second face-down community card will now be flipped over. Next is a fourth round of betting with the best four-card hand. Finally, the wild card in the middle will be flipped over.

There is a final round of betting, and players now have to try and make the best five-card hand out of seven, with the addition of the wild card. They do not have to use specific cards to make the best hand; it is just whoever has the best hand wins.

Best Hands

When playing Kryky, you obviously want to have the best hands. By using the traditional card ranking system, you can see which hands are the best.

You do not want to have just a high card going into a showdown, because that is grounds for just throwing your money away. The best types of hands you want are going to be three of a kind or straight. These are middle of the road but should be good starting hands to try and make.


Since this game requires a lot of rounds and one community card being flipped over one at a time, you will have the opportunity to somewhat bluff along the way. Or at least, you can stay in the game a little longer if you think you can make your hand better.

In addition, you will be able to trade in cards, and you have that wild card option at the end. Ultimately your hand has to get better as the game goes on. If you find that it does not get any better after the read in, then this is the part where you should fold.

If a lot of players happen to fold early, then this is a great time to bluff. You will have more of an advantage at making your hand last longer if no one is available to even challenge you.