Lame Brain Pete Poker Strategy

Texas Hold’em and most wild card games are some of today’s most popular and fun card games. When it comes to poker, these two usually have many variations that fans can enjoy with slight rule changes or twists.

But what happens when you incorporate the two of those games together? Lame Brain Pete is a variation of Texas Holdem but has some small changes and with the use of wilds.

Quick Tips For Lame Brain Pete

Before you get started on your poker strategy, you should take the time to use a few tips to make one. These generally differ from one person to the next on the level of importance but should help you in making the best strategy for yourself.

If you can practice these tips beforehand, you will be much better off. Some quick tips for this game are understanding how the rules work, bluffing your opponent, knowing what cards to play, and watching your money.

Understanding The Rules

If you are familiar with the layout of Texas Holdem, then this game should be easy for you to grasp since the dealing and overall play mimics this. Everyone will put their ante in the pot before dealing the cards.

Once the ante is finished, everyone will be dealt three cards face down to everyone. Players will look at their cards, and a betting round will begin.

At this point, the dealer has an option to deal out four cards face down in the middle of the table or do it one by one each round while burning a card in between, just like you do in Texas Holdem.

Either way, four cards will be in the middle of the table at some point. So, one card at a time will be flipped over, and then a round of betting will take place each time one card is flipped over.

You should pay close attention to these cards because whichever card is the lowest-ranked hand out of those 4 in the middle of the table is wild. It also means that the rest of those same ranked cards are now wild for everyone that holds them.

For example:

4 (Hearts) 5 (Spades) 9 (Spades) A (Diamonds)

The 4 is the lowest-ranked card out of those in the lineup. So, that four and the other 4’s in the game are now wild. You will not know which card will be wild until all of them have been flipped over, since the lowest out of those will become the wild card.

Once those cards have all been flipped over, a final betting round will take place. Then, players that are still in will compete in the showdown.

Whoever has the best five-card hand wins the pot. They can use a combination of the three cards in their hand and the four out in the middle of the table.

Other Tips For This Game

Bluffing is important in gambling, but not something you have to have all the time. This game could require the use from time to time, especially if you have some players that are bluffing themselves. Reading the table is crucial to know how your opponent operates.

The best cards to play will often change since the use of wilds are changing each hand. The card ranking system is the same for this game, and it is more likely to stumble upon three of a kind or straights since you have the additional wild cards.

Finally, you need to watch your bankroll. Do not be tempted to over bet if you have a good hand and do not let other players talk you into betting more by bluffing. Keeping a strict budget is key here.